When Computer Networks Were About Nationalism

ARPANET, Minitel, Mark I and the race to invent the internet

Some fun news first: I’ve signed a contract with No Starch Press to write my first technical book. The project can be roughly described as The Art of War for legacy modernization: when to do it, how to organize it, common problems and various tricks I’ve picked up to get stuff done. I got a wonderful opportunity this month to test out the content of early chapters on a live audience of software engineers when Øredev invited me to give a keynote in Malmö, Sweden. They asked me if I could do a…




Tracing the legacy of old computer systems from mainframes to that BS angular app you built in 2005. Retro computer art by macrovector courtesy of freepik.com

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Marianne Bellotti

Marianne Bellotti

Author of Kill It with Fire Manage Aging Computer Systems (and Future Proof Modern Ones)

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