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The Explosive Result of Eating Bananas & Drinking Sprite

I think I speak for the majority of people when I say bananas taste pretty good.

They’re high in vitamins, minerals, and potassium, making for fine afternoon snacks.

I think I also speak for the majority when I say Sprite is a delicious beverage.

Poured over ice, on a hot day, very refreshing.

However, sometimes, two good things, consumed together, can become not so good.

The Science Behind The Banana Sprite Challenge

The original “Banana Sprite” challenge had contestants quickly consume 2 or more bananas and one litre of Sprite without vomiting.

And the results were explosive.

But what’s going on behind the scenes?

Why does this seemingly harmless combination cause a devastating volcanic eruption?

The theory is that the human body cannot consume bananas and sprite at the same time.

This could be due to a chemical reaction between bananas and sprite in the contestants stomach, which triggers an “evacuation.”

One theory suggests bananas provide protein, and Sprite adds carbon dioxide.

The warm human stomach causes Sprite’s gas bubbles to escape.

The gas bubbles get coated in the banana’s protein, creating an expanding foam.

A burp will not suffice.

A purge occurs to rid the body of the foam because the stomach is not large enough to contain it.

But Why Just Bananas and Sprite?

I’ve had coke and a steak before.

Protein and carbon dioxide having a party in my stomach, resulting in nothing more than a burp.

It goes back to the size of the human stomach.

The average capacity of the human stomach is about 500ml.

Two bananas in one sitting will fill the stomach.

Drinking a litre of sprite on top of two bananas exceeds the stomach’s capacity.

The release of carbonation occurs, pressure builds in the stomach, foam is formed, and the lower esophageal sphincter can no longer keep everything in the stomach.

Then boom.

So really this is a combination of stuffing the stomach with too much food, and adding carbon dioxide to the mix to purge everything.

Which means this challenge doesn’t have to be done with simply bananas or sprite.

Stuff your stomach with enough food, down a litre of your favourite soda, and keep the clean up crew on speed-dial!



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