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Undercover Aliens?

An octopus in its natural habitat

Although they are built like creatures from a HP Lovecraft novel, dawning long tentacles, giant bulbous heads, and exhibiting shapeshifting behaviour, octopuses are not known aliens.

But this hasn’t stopped researchers from arguing over their alien nature.

In 2018, a group of 33 scientists published a paper suggesting that octopuses might be extraterrestrials.

The History of The Octopus

The octopus comes from the nautiloid, having evolved around 500 millions years ago.

They are very different from their nautiloid ancestors.

They have large brains, complex nervous systems, independent eyes, and camouflage abilities, where they not only change their skin colour, but texture as well.

In fact, their nervous systems are unlike any other invertebrate.

The central brain doesn’t call the shots, instead there are concentrations of neurons called ganglia, throughout octopus tentacles operating independently from the brain.

In fact, the central brain is hardly involved in moving the tentacles.

There are about 350 to 500 Million neurons throughout the octopuses’ 8 tentacles.

But, the transformative genes leading from the ancestral nautilus to the common octopus cannot be found in any pre-existing life-form.

This leads researchers to suggest the octopus is borrowed from a distant future or the cosmos itself.

An Octopus in a tank

The paper states octopuses could have arrived on Earth as a group of functioning genes, cryogenically frozen.

Few in the scientific community agree that octopuses come from outer space, but the paper does relate to an overarching idea in the scientific community known as panspermia.

Panspermia translates to seeds everywhere in the universe, including space.

So some of the organisms on Earth, like octopuses, may originate from space seeds.

Which means there is already alien life living among us.




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