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Would You Try Bubble Tea Pizza?

Dominos’ bubble tea pizza, a Taiwan exclusive

Whatever happened to good old fashioned pepperoni?

Pizza has a piece of my heart.

I love it, and I believe all pizza needs love.

Whether it be pineapple or pickle pizza.

But maybe Dominos went too far with a bubble tea-topped pizza designed exclusively for Taiwanese customers.

Taiwan is the home of bubble tea, the milky drink with sweet tapioca bobas mixed in.

Dominos didn’t want to miss adding bubble tea flavours to their lineup.

The pizza chain took the beloved recipe and added one ingredient, cheese.

It is considered a dessert pizza, featuring black sugar pearls, honey, and cheese as toppings.

The History of Bubble Tea

Different flavours of Bubble Tea

Bubble tea is not only extremely popular in the east, but around the globe.

Tea stands were popular in 1980s Taiwan, especially amongst children.

One stand became very popular for offering a variety of fruit flavoured teas.

The key to the delicious flavour? Shaking! Which creates bubbles, hence the name bubble tea.

In 1983, Liu Han-Chieh Tea Room and it’s founder Chun Shui Tang introduced Taiwan to tapioca pearls, which quickly became a fad after Tang added them to cold infused teas.

However, the founder of Hanlin Tea Room, Tu Tsung-ho, claims he created the drink in 1986 after spotting white tapioca pearls at a market, believing they would pair well with milk tea.

The tapioca pearls already had a bubble shape, so it was a no-brainer to add them to bubble teas.

Pearls sit at the bottom of cups or float throughout the tea.

The consistency of pearls lies between jello and gummy bears.

There’s a certain texture the Taiwanese market looks for in bubble tea and other foods, known simply as “Q,”

This means chewy or bouncy, and apparently Domino’s captured this “Q” texture.

Domino’s is not the first pizzeria in Taiwan to serve bubble tea pizza.

Foodie Star, a restaurant in Chiayi City in southwest Taiwan claims it invented the recipe in April 2015.

The pizza received stellar feedback with most liking the texture and flavour combination of cheese, honey, and pearls, considering it a salty-sweet hybrid.

But do you think Domino’s went too far?

Or are pizza toppings truly limitless?



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