The 6 common things that make your application performance suck

Ronald Bartels
Jul 21 · 3 min read

Before you purchase extremely expensive performance management software to analyze your applications check the basics. When you have done the basics then it is time to investigate further. Might save you some budget! This includes:

1. ICMP. One of the biggest enterprise brain farts is to disable ICMP and as a result application performance goes for a ball of chalk because Path MTU Discovery goes for a ball of chalk. The belief that ICMP is a security risk is propagated by clueless Mordacs.

2. DNS. DNS is the name association system of networking. All urls are resolved to underlying IP addresses. If you use a fast DNS, then amazingly your apps are faster. Give a go. Personally, I use Quad 9!

3. Its the cable, stupid! All that staring at applications gives you zero insight into bad networking. In this day and age we still have poor configurations of hardware with networking speed mismatches between ports, cables that are barely connecting because of a lack of stress relief, and ancient hardware with the equivalent processing power of the Apollo guidance computer. And my all time favorite of poorly configured spanning tree or the absolute stupidity of disabling it.

It is a total waste of money to invest in APM software tools when your problem is Ethernet port duplex mismatches!

Alternatively, if you are on wifi then test the network by using iperf on a couple of laptops. This confirms coverage and performance!

4. Most apps uses web browsers as the interface. That corporate proxy and pac file provide no useful purpose except to introduce stack latency. Even Microsoft thinks its a kak idea!

5. Distance. Yes, you can put the cloud anywhere but if you sit in South Africa and your data and apps are in London, its going to be like sucking gold balls through a 10 000km hose pipe.

6. Bloat. The Apollo guidance computer might have had a slow processor but damn was the code optimal. The code today is slapped together till it works and then kicked down the road. Lean, mean, extreme and often called agile. What is saved upfront is added to the back in performance problems and wasted user time.

The Other Guy

Clan meerkat of the technology burrow (braaivleis, rugby, sunny skies and computers)

Ronald Bartels

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Ronald is a technologist and service management evangelist. He started driving a tractor when he was five years old and would love to own a Massey-Fergurson!

The Other Guy

Clan meerkat of the technology burrow (braaivleis, rugby, sunny skies and computers)

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