The primary goal of SDWAN should be to make networking less complicated

Addressing the short coming of legacy networks

I have previously written a tongue in the cheek article about software defined wide area networking (SDWAN) and the way legacy networks are managed here. Notwithstanding the primary goal of SDWAN is to remove complexity from wide area networking and make it a commodity.

As an example we have a few consumer networking devices such as a mobile phones and home fibre connections. Both these can be configured, setup and easily used by people with limited training and expertise. The same cannot be said about current wide area network deployments that are technically top heavy.

SDWAN needs to be simple and easy. It is an overlay on existing simple to use broadband connections that are aggregated in an optimal fashion with plug and play devices. The broadband connections can be either wired or wireless and both most likely are underpinned by Carrier Ethernet networks.

The orchestration of a service on SDWAN needs to be based on a graphical user interface preferably presented by a web browser. The whole exercise should be as easy as snapping together lego blocks to build a toy car.

Utopia or reality? Please comment below if you have any contributions on the topic.