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Tennis Note #34

#RG16 Draw Doodle — Emoji Edition

Nikita Taparia
May 22, 2016 · 2 min read

Last Roland Garros was the first time the Tennis Notebook implemented Draw Doodles. During the Aussie Open, we tried to make an interactive version of the draw doodle but we decided to revert back to our traditional method for now. Before I get into it there are two things I want you to be aware of: 1) The Tennis Data Storytelling Challenge — Patterns of Play ($500 prize money) and 2) Time Violation Warning Study so either click the links in the text or the images below to learn more!

On to the draws! I did not have much time so I decided to illustrate my thoughts via emojis. I think most of it is simple to decipher. I guess you will have to let me know!

Men’s Singles

Rafael Nadal v Novak Djokovic seems inevitable but even before that, Rafa’s path to the semifinal can be action packed. The worst case would be an inspired Fognini early on, but I do not know if Fognini will play well against Granollers. Moving forward, Dominic Thiem v. Rafael Nadal is something I look forward to — the shotmaking will be fun! Prior to that, Thiem v. Zverev seems to be a regular fixture in this young rivarly and I would love to see Sascha put up a competitive battle (rather than the recent bagel). The second half of Rafa’s quarter seems really open to me and I have a feeling Goffin may go all the way. We’ll see! Djokovic’ half is a snoozefest other than a few good matchups. He shouldn’t be challenged until the semifinal — unless someone plays inspired tennis.
Despite the mediocre clay season for Stan, I think he has enough of an opening to reach the semifinal. Murray, on the other hand, may have to go through Kei Nishikori [or Nick Kyrgios if he is on a huge momentum swing]. Jack Sock definitely has the capabilities of playing fantastic tennis on clay with his forehand, but you never know with him. After the Nishikori-Djokovic PlayStation mode tennis, I would love to see this side of Kei come out (the perfection mode, not bad timing mode). Inevitably, I think we will have another Djokovic v. Murray final and Murray has hopefully proven to himself that he can win.

Women’s Singles

Serena has every possibility of just dominating but I truly believe Vika will prevail and we will end up seeing another episode of Azarenka v. Kerber, which I wouldn’t mind at all (in case you couldn’t tell!). This first half of the draw seems rather loaded while the second half seems a bit open and capable to change. I wouldn’t mind either Azarenka or Kerber moving forward but I think it is high time either Vika finally wins a slam again or Halep gets her first. Calling you two out!
I would love to see Halep prevail completely find her way back to the title (in case you needed help with interpretation) and while I put initials down, I really see potential for upsets left and right. I guess this is the beauty of the women’s game right now — everyone has the capability to beat everyone if the best version of themselves shows up while in the men’s game, even your best isn’t good enough. Two different flavors — both equally entertaining! While I put Muguruza reaching the semifinal, I cannot say for certain. I do not think Petra Kvitiva will make it far but many in this quarter could move forward. I almost feel sad that Caroline Garcia could potentially Aga right after winning a title. Remember, Sloane won Charleston and could also find herself moving through this draw into the second week.

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A ‘romantic’ tale between tennis enthusiasts and an elegant sport. Includes light commentary and analysis of the game.