Are you thinking of coming over to New Zealand?

I’m an immigrant to New Zealand, and so a lot of people ask me about general aspects of Kiwi life.

I’ve previously written a little about my experience migrating in my old blog here, and I try and provide useful information where I can.

The following is a handy collection of places to look into if you’re really weighing up a move here — from where to find out how much things cost, how much we get paid, as well as some pointers to places which might be recruiting — enjoy …

Immigration process

You will find most of the information here — these rules can change, so it’s best to go to the horses mouth…

Roughly there are two processes as I’ve talked about here an “expression of interest” and “finalizing a visa”.

Finding work

As you can imagine, most places prefer applicants who have a visa already sorted out. You won’t even been considered if you haven’t at least done an expression of interest.

Also I’ve not heard of any company funding the migration process (as I mentioned previously blog) — in case you were hopeful

Some places want you to come over for an interview, some places will accept a Skype interview. It helps to have an up to date profile picture to hand where you look professional when applying (or even put it on your CV). People like to get an idea of what you look like.

I’m not going to provide links — you can Google that much. But Hudson recruiting is a place I recommend — I’ve not really gone with anyone else since I’ve been in NZ. They do a good job of matching me up as a technical person to suitable jobs.

In terms of other companies, big players at least in Wellington are,

Qual IT
Plan IT
ANZ bank
BNZ bank
Westpac bank

Many of which have recruiting pages off their main site.

How much can I expect to earn?

Take a look at Hudson’s recent survey — notice where you work in NZ will affect this (but also your rents etc)

How much will you pay in tax?

The IRD (our tax department) has an online tax calculator

How much do things cost?

A really key site to look through is TradeMe — it has jobs, second hand cars, places to rent, places to buy — it will give you a good idea of how much things cost. Heck, it even is a place people advertise jobs (really is your one-stop-shop),

If you’re thinking of buying a house — key banks are ANZ, Kiwibank, BNZ, TSB — all have mortgage calculators for you. But you’ll probably have to be a resident before getting a mortgage.

In terms of food — check out …

Other key shops in NZ for finding out how much things cost are Mighty Ape and The Warehouse.

If you’re interested in cars — check out relevant dealerships — just Google Toyota AND New Zealand for instance. For second hand cars there’s TradeMe (it’s basically Kiwi eBay).


It’s pretty good here — you pay though for doctors visits, dentist visits, and private scans (which aren’t related to X-rays). Typically about $40 for a visit to the doctor.

We’ve not really used it much beyond that ourselves.


All depends on where you end up. Most places use a middle school, and secondary school is from about 13–18. They study NCEA qualifications level 1, 2 and 3 at school.