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Jun 7, 2017 · 2 min read

Like many, my introduction to agile testing came through Lisa and Janets book Agile Testing back in 2010. This is the video course I desperately wanted back then!

There is a lot to learn about being an agile tester, we have whole conferences dedicated to it. And because we insist on working in the field of technology, what we can achieve is continually evolving.

When Lisa Crispin told me they were planning to create a video series, I wasn’t sure if they could pull it off. However, what Lisa and Janet have managed to put together is a really great introduction to several really key aspects to being a tester on an agile project. The course helps student to,

* Think about the spectrum of tests that can be run within a project
* How testers can help the team in the elaboration process
* Planning effective and appropriate use of automation
* Using exploratory testing to look deeper into the product as built

Each of these topics is worthy of it’s own video series, but there is just enough material to help new people get comfortable and trying out these things in their own team. The video series explores an application for a “pet shop groomer” website, which is explored in more detail using different methods.

But to me, it’s the “let’s talk” session where Janet and Lisa discuss their own experience with each area, which really flesh out stories and approaches, bringing the theory out and into the light of days. These sections affirm why these two testers are such sought after true gurus in this field.

As a test manager who has a number of staff who are either new to agile or testing, this video series is essential for helping such staff to learn the basics, especially if supported with mentoring.

My advice, don’t rush the to the finish line, find time to talk about what you’ve learned with your team! Even better, find other testers (or those interested in testing) in your organisation, and use a book club approach to working through the material a chapter at a time and sharing insights!

Having spoke with Lisa and Janet, I’m planning to work through and explore the material with my test team over the course of a year. It certainly gives an excellent core competency curriculum for the agile tester. But what else would you expect from Lisa and Janet?

Thoroughly recommended, you can look into the course here.


Mike Talks talks testing

Mike Talks

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Mike Talks talks testing

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