In the AI-driven world, you can no longer afford time amnesia in your software systems.

Event-driven machine learning will enable a new generation of businesses that will be able to make incredibly thoughtful decisions faster than ever, but is your data ready to take advantage of it?

In the era of AI, a company can no longer afford to discard a whole dimension of their data, especially when it is as relevant as time.

That is exactly the risk, once you’ve discarded the time-series data, it becomes unrecoverable. We’re sacrificing a dimension of the data that could become of high relevance in the mid-term for a perceived short-term benefit.

Event sourcing removes the responsibility from the development team to decide whether a change must be stored, because the only way to change the system state is by creating an event that encapsulates what changed, when, and why.

  • Continual learning becomes possible, this is a technique that emulates the human ability to adapt their behavior in a dynamic environment. The models are re-trained with recent events to continuously adapt them to changing environments (i.e. the recommendation system of Netflix requires constant fine-tuning in response to the introduction of new shows and evolving viewer preferences).
  • Fine-grained data manipulation enables data-driven decision-making. Analysts can view data from different angles by reprocessing events and uncover previously inaccessible information. Each event represents a change that can be analyzed at an individual level, such as individual transactions in a bank account, or aggregated to see a broader picture at a particular time, such as the account balance. Data can also be processed to create new perspectives, like categorizing expenses by type.

New advancements in large language models capabilities will provide natural language interfaces for manipulating and visualizing data, and make data-driven decisions at every level in an organization.



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Javier Toledo

Cofounder and CTO at The Agile Monkeys . Co-creator of the Booster Framework. Breaking cutting-edge technology remotely from the beautiful Canary Islands.