4 Concerns Regarding Christian Celebrity Culture

I am all for having role models and people to look up to. It’s fun to observe others’ lives unfold and to learn from them. We also find ourselves drawn to those who do the things we dream of doing. Sometimes this leads to elevating that person more than he or she deserves, something Christians call idolatry.

Here are my thoughts concerning the celebrity culture that some Christians have bought into.

  1. It lessens the value of those who aren’t famous. Not everyone has the same influence that church leaders and speakers have. Sometimes our desire to connect more with those who are close to the inner-circle may tempt us to look down on Christians who are out of the limelight. This is toxic and worldly.
  2. It cheapens relationships. Friendships and mentorships built on social status are flimsy and shallow. Not much substance can come from a relationship built on impure motives.
  3. It promotes discontentment. I know quite a few Christian young men who are hungry with discontentment because they do not have the fame they so desperately crave. Desiring to do our best is good, but striving for glory and honor should not be the driver behind our work and connections.
  4. It tempts us to use people instead of building relationships with them. When we meet new people we have a tendency to treat it like a career fair. We analyze the angles and see if this person has something to offer us. In return, we miss out on genuinely getting to know that individual.

I could write for a week on this topic, but these four thoughts are enough to ponder. Examine your own life to see if you are drawn to power, or people. I hope it’s the latter.