Ex-Co: Something I never knew I didn’t want, and why I’m glad I didn’t get chosen as one

I guess you could say I have a better idea of where I belong in the bigger scheme of things.

As I’ve posted earlier, InSIGHT 2016 has just been concluded. There were plenty of laughs, many lessons learned, friends made and a whole lot of memories.

But now it’s back to reality. This wasn’t really the case for me last year however. Last year, after InSIGHT 2015, I was still on the move. I was eyeing a bigger prize in sight.

A prize that I thought I had a legitimate shot at.

The IT and Publishing Director for the 2015 InSIM Executive Committee.

If that was too much of a mouthful for some of you to say then let’s just say I could’ve been ex-co for the Indonesian community club which was sort of a big deal back then, and it still is now.

The truthful and honest reason why I decided to try take on a year-long commitment like that was because I was still hot off last year’s drama musical performance. Having contributed — a small part — into making T-shirt designs and posters, flyers etc. I simply thought: “Gee, there’s nothing hard about this and if my experience will be anything like this one, SIGN ME UP!”.

It was only now that I realised how I sort-of dodged a bullet. When I applied — as far as I can remember — there was really only one real contender that I was going up against. Basically, the only person other than myself who I thought would be right for the job, and she got it.

Now I don’t hate this person or resent her. In fact, I got nothing but love and respect for her. She’s a good leader and very talented with photoshop and poster-making. But at the time, it did sting when I didn’t hear my name called up to the stage. The loud roaring applause and wooes of the crowd in that lecture theater along with the admiration of the soon-to-be former exectuive committee, I’ve envisioned myself walking down those steps giving high-5s to people sitting on the aisle and thinking that 2015 just got better.

I mean, I lost sleep thinking, dreamin, envisioning these things in my mind’s eye. All for nothing. You have to admit that you’d be a little bummed out too if you’d put the exco job at that high a pedestal. That was my mistake and mine alone to think that.

Now that a year has passed and I’ve seen how busy and — at times — stressful the job can be, I’m glad I didn’t get it. I’m glad that I just worked UNDER the IT and Publications director. I was still involved in the things that I loved which was making marketing material, be it posters, flyers, photobooks, films, trailers, videos, etc.

I met a friend during this year’s InSIGHT and I’m really suprised how many things I have in common with him. Especially since when I first saw him I thought he was the try-too-hard-to-be-edgy type of person. But he turned out to be a really fun dude. He’s running for exco as president and I really hope that he gets selected for the job because I think he’ll do good things as the pres. But another — more selfish — reason I want him to succeed is that I might want to help out in making the script for next year’s big event.

I’ve had my time with video-making and marketing in general and I feel like it’s time to challenge myself and take it up a notch.

If my plan works out the way I want to — and assuming I don’t fail any subjects in 3 semesters of RMIT AND/OR get a girlfriend — This will be my biggest accomplishment of my time in university.

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