The 5 definitive reasons why you should take up Martial Arts.

It’s more than just wearing pyjamas and fighting.

If you’ve been following me and some of my slightly older posts, then you probably know that I take up martial arts in my life.

And those are just a few articles in my relatively short journey in practicing Jiu Jitsu. But after a year and 6 months of training, I’ve come to learns some things about life and also about myself that I would’veot never learned had I not taken up martial arts.

1. It’s a GREAT workout

Okay, this one seemed pretty obvious. Doing martial arts like Muay Thai or grappling requires you to expend and insane amount of energy. And there will always be the one guy who says something like “Oh, well it can’t be THAT tiring can it?” and then that guy is sadly proven wrong after he goes for a class. It might not give you the 6 pack you want but it will keep you fit.

2. Not just for the Body, but for the Mind as well.

You will get to know yourself a lot better. When you’re drilling or sparring with your partner, you’re in full contact with them. In my case, you are grabbing them, trying to throw them around and you’re trying to choke them out or break their bones. And that’s something quite intenseto be doing to someone you barely know, so it teaches you to be calm and collected and most importantly, learning to leave your ego or pride behind that door when you walk in.

3. You’ll meet some of the nicest, and most humble people, seriously.

A bi-product of what I said in #2 is that most of the people you’ll meet when you train are incredibly nice and humble. Especially the ones who’ve stuck around the longest. They know how to treat new people. The ones who’ve stuck around for a while know that being a jerk during training means that noone else will want to train with you. Nobody wants to train with the annoying guy. The people that come in the gym with something to prove are the ones who never come back. That’s not what martial arts is about.

Martial arts is all about learning and experiencing new things, not to show somebody up.

4. It’s a good skill to have.

To be able to defend yourself is one of the best fundamental and essential skills that any human should have. And yes, if you happen to be in a situation where you have to defend yourself, your survival instinct will kick in whether you know how to defend yourself properly or not.

You have this uncontrollable burst of energy that’s driven by your will to survive. Learning martial arts helps regulate that feeling. It helps you feel less panicked, more controlled and gives you a better handle on the situation.

5. It makes you THINK.

You might not realise this but with any martial arts, precision, timing, power and speed, those things all have to be properly calculated to give you the best result. And it’s hard to count up how much of all those things you need when someone is trying to beat you to a pulp or choke you out. Martial arts puts you into that scenario, a scenario where you have to think under tremendous amounts of pressure. You have to be able to calm your mind, relax and focus on your opponent.

You are truly in the moment when you’re fighting someone

Seriously, you’re not going to be thinking about anything else when you’re engaged in a fight with someone — sparring or real life — all you’re thinking about is how do you defend yourself and how do you beat this person.

To be honest, I’ve been wanting to write this article for a while but I just didn’t have enough points or the right words to put it in. I’m not saying that anyone who doesn’t do or doesn’t want to do martial arts is at a disadvantage but having trained in the past year, I feel like I’ve learned some things about myself and have learned new things because of it. And I hope you will too.

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