“Music is the soundtrack to our lives.”

Good ol’ Richard Clark was bang on here. Music has an amazing way of layering itself within our day to day. Working out, driving to and from work, when you are working, at the cottage, in the kitchen, at the BBQ, whenever you do something, where ever you do it, music has a place. We will review new albums, reminisce about old ones and debate rankings amongst artists and albums. Here are a few guidelines that The Thought Spectrum will try and follow when it comes to discussing music.

  1. I will use Apple Music as our music service. It’s what I use and it makes it easy.
  2. We will focus primarily on Hip Hop/Rap/R&B, though not exclusively.
  3. Much of the content will be on YouTube and also in The Thought Spectrum Podcast.
  4. We will always be looking to promote new artists and lesser known artists.

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