Phoenix Pay Debacle leads to $4.8 Million in Bonuses

For those who don’t know, there has been an incredible cluster fuck in the government of Canada’s newly implemented pay system. The details don’t really matter, the bottom line is many employees went without paychecks for months, coming up on, and even sometimes exceeding, years. Here is an article outlining some of the details.

Absolutely inexcusable for a government like ours to have this happen let alone let it go on for as long as it has. Surely, those responsible for the debacle will be dealt with accordingly…right? Maybe somebody loses their job, maybe a demotion? Of course no bonuses for the department which was in charge for such a disastrous roll out..right?

Well today we have learned that $4.8 million dollars has been paid out to the department that was in charge of this quagmire. $4.8 million dollars!!!! WHAT….THE….FUCK!!!!!

Listen, of course not everybody who works in that department is directly responsible for the disaster that is the “Phoenix Pay System” but accountability and transparency is vital in today’s world. In a private company, if something like this happened, that company might very well go out of business! No jobs for any employees of that company, not the janitor, not the marketing people, not the CEO!

The bottom line is this has been an unmitigated disaster. Whether its the Liberals or the Conservatives to blame, this needs to be fixed because those who are effected have been treated like trash. This is not a good look for The Government of Canada.