Why I feel adult content bans on social media are wrong.

Art imitates life.

Disclaimer: I disavow and exclude all materials and content related to underage subjects, underage teens, young children and anything related to the exploitation, the harm or the sexual abuse of children, and or all victims of sexual crimes, and I explicitly condone the use of them as a valid form of sexual expression in art, as an orientation and in pornography including but not limited to computer and human animated pornography.

Let’s start by saying, yes we all have seen porn, and it’s safe to say 80–90% of the people who see it, do in fact seek it out. And of those people, 100% of them do NOT want to be looking for porn and get a virus while browsing through free sites. While some might not care about being known as a sexually free person, it’s also safe to say the majority of us, don’t want to publicly share with strangers or friends/family what our porn searching habits are, and never will.

Tumblr (until their recent ban) offered a solution to that by being a nice little treasure box of gifs short clips and interesting fan arts. It allowed us to seek those things in a way that let us stay anonymous. It allowed us to connect with like minded people without the risk of being assaulted or attacked or followed home.

It also gave us a portal where we could share artistic pieces with erotic themes. It gave a space to fill the void of a lack of sexually driven content. But WHY is sexually driven content important to artistic freedom and having a properly rounded online community?

Artistic freedom, even in erotic art, is not just about putting the subject into a sexy pose and calling it erotic for a thumbs up. Art is not about making things that are deemed OK by a panel of censors. Artists have ALWAYS and will CONTINUE to rebel against censorship in art. ART is an expression of the artist’s passions, desires, feelings, fears, hopes, dreams, and more! We weave visual stories to convey messages, to share ideas, to create something new where there was once something old, and it matters not if the stories are met with supportive fervor or backlash, so long as it’s NOT CENSORED.

When we are commissioned we draw with the same passion we hold for these things but on behalf of those who can not do it themselves. Our job then is to express the passions of our clients and customers in the form of our art.

While the occasional artist will not draw sexual content, the seasoned art student will say there is no avoiding seeing nudity or sexual content as an artist. Alas each artist is free to chose what subjects they will and will not draw. Naked bodies, for me however, have no jarring effect on my mood anymore than seeing a stick in the mud in the forest.

Our job is NOT to censor the thoughts or expressions of anyone. We do not tell a client that we will black out the nipples to avoid offending anyone. However in the context of fighting censorship, censoring art ironically can be an effective tool to drive a deep message.

With so many people who express themselves in a sexual manner, it would be outlandish to even try to say that depicting sexual acts in art is for pure pornographic reasons. EVEN in the context of pornography we see self expression.

We see it with role-playing, BDSM, the thousands of off beat kinks, the amateurs who post home videos of them RAMMING themselves in front of their cam, the list goes on forever. Every person has a story as to why they like or how they found their niche kink. THAT in itself is fucking art because it is LIFE!

How did they find out they liked spankings and handcuffs? What was the situations leading up to that moment? Was it chance? Was it suggested by another person? How influential were they to get another person into that kink? What’s the history behind that kink? Finally what kind of persona do they have in public? Do they dress conservatively and hold themselves to a high standard? Are they more liberal and express their kinks verbally with others? Do they have other hobbies? Who KNOWS about their kinks? Who would they hide those kinks from?

The more questions you ask about them the more EXPRESSION can take place. And when you come to understand the underlying reason of WHY they have a particular kink, their story can finally be painted. Others can then in turn find solidarity or even discover a part of themselves they didn’t know existed.

Erotic and pornographic art is an expression of the people who exist in niche kinks that are considered non conventional. It is an expression and representation of the members in those communities who live in nearly every society around the world. It allows people to signal each other and alert each other to their common interests. It allows communities to be formed of like minded people and common goals. By stripping away fear caused by stigma.

Art brings people together, it forces people to think, it dares the viewer to challenge their way of thinking, it forces attention to subjects we might not be comfortable talking about but can not ignore.

To exclude any form of sexual expression form a platform, simply because it is pornographic in nature, is a condemnation of finding enjoyment and pleasure in sexuality. It is demonizing a natural action that the vast majority of the world’s population enjoys.

It’s in essence saying that lifestyle and individualism can only be validated by a strict set of circumstances set by a higher authority. It is telling us that the way we come to find sexual pleasure is unacceptable for sharing with others unless a board approves first.

The simple fact IS humans ENJOY sexual pleasure. It’s in our nature to crave the pleasure associated with sex. It’s in our nature to outwardly express what we feel inside THROUGH sexual acts.

The control and censorship of sex, and our sexual lifestyles has always led to more bad than good. It’s made criminals out of sex workers. It’s allowed STD’s to spread through omission of education and information. It’s given us the HIV outbreak which many believe was set into place as biological warfare by government officials. It’s created mass hysteria among the uneducated public. It’s created villains from perfectly law abiding citizens. It’s torn apart families and ostracized adults coming to age. It’s caused people to take their own lives.

We can not ever hope to progress towards sexual freedom and security when our sexual lifestyle is continuously held hostage. We will never see sex workers be validated and protected, or have truly safe work environments for the sex industry, if we cannot simply accept sexual acts in art and pornography as a form of sexual expression.

In the future I will be posting pieces to express my feelings on this matter. The imagery will be metaphorical and designed to provoke anger at the mistreatment of those who practice sexual expression.

In the meantime I hope the Apple lawsuit against them for their strict anti pornographic policy, is legitimate and helps to rectify the rift on this and the many other platforms that have banned similar content from their sites.