Some people are worth the effort- true keepers!

Sometimes it’s not what you want,
but just what comes to you
that you have to live with.
Being uptight is neither a solution,
nor a reason for why you love isolation
Trust me, I speak from experience.
Some people, they just grow up with you.
They know you, so well.
They don’t judge you for your choices.
They make sure to let you know that as long as you’re comfortable,
there’s nothing that can be termed “wrong”.
They are your partners, who cannot be yours.
They love you, a non worldly love-
the kind of love that bends you,
makes you kick them and massage the area later.
A love that nobody understands.
There’s one thing about these people,
they can’t live without you either.
They’ll not talk to you for years,
but will come back panting for love, like a puppy
and you want to caress them the same,
obviously after hitting them for not being there for so long!
You know that even though you both are apart,
you are an irreplaceable part of each other’s lives.
And all your complains vanish
the moment they hug you and don’t let you go.
They are the keepers, never let them go.

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