From a Grim Reality To An Ironic Eternal Victory

Man in his fallen state couldn’t achieve the initial image and glory bestowed upon him by his creator.

Humanity had lost the halo of righteousness and roamed the planet with a compromised countenance; under the continual control of a fallen angel. Whose claws sunk soul deep into mankind puppetting the execution of behaviour alien to the fabric of reality as created by an intelligent omnipotent designer.

The creation man was given responsibility over experienced a degradation of immeasurable extent, extinction became the order of the day as a consequence of the disobedient act of the initially holy couple. Whose cries filled the skies at the sight of the first shedding leaves as seasons came into the arena.

Life became sour, jealousy ensued, a brother became a murderer, chaos brewed.

But alas! A hope existed in the cosmic horizon even before the dawn of time as known by man, the exception was well handled by the creator of the universe. A ransom was prepared for the earth dwelling sons and daughters of God beforehand. A ransom typed by a sacrificial system not understood by the prince of darkness. A ransom looked into carefully by God’s prophets with hope of a redeemer to save he fallen kind from the wiles of the evil one.

The lamb that taketh away sin

Who would experience life and temptation without falling as the ancestor of humanity. But to raise humanity from degradation by becoming sin, elevating man from the pit of iniquity by being in the pit Himself. To be the ultimate atonement for a sinister kind, that through His spotless life we may appear to God righteous. To experience a death he did not deserve for a kind not deserving life due to its disobedience. To undergo treatment befitting a common robber, due to a love humanity cannot comprehend with its feeble mind.

To be nailed to a cross with a crown of thorns. And resurrect manifesting the tremendous victory over death.

The Prince of Peace tortured and killed, the prince of darkness defeated for an eternity.

That through our faith in His atoning power we may claim an inheritance incorruptible. Through the same Faith we may live a life like that of our redeemer, Calvary’s hero who loved mankind before it loved Him.

Praise God for His son Jesus Christ