A new, simple global “living system” that works for you instead of against you? Could this be possible?

Natural personal development and a global life worth living for

Like a Virus in the mind, the past few years I have been obsessed with one thing, it’s in idea that has grown far beyond an idea, but down to a detailed plan and blueprint. It is basically the question of, “how can we simplify this life we live, in the system we already have, and yet simultaneously experience the great rich depths of life”. Big one right?

It all became a bit too chaotic, even after the industrial age, information age and now the transformational age, all promising us a life worth living, it still feels like 80% of us are just surviving. Let’s just put all that on hold for a moment, all the so called progressions in tech and phycology and space advancements, let it be, let’s go a little deeper, keep it a little simpler, bring it back home I say.

Just so I don’t loose you here, let me tell you what it could allow us to do. It allows us, yes, even you:

  • to live, work & play around the world whilst getting paid for it
  • getting paid for your natural gifts, passions and strengths
  • and naturally evolve along the way as a human with a modern tribe that gets you.
  • Contribute/Invest into something for your tribe and their future, including your future children
  • Transition out of the current hustle and bustle system and start seeing life, and learning through experiences, not in 10 years, but now.

Forget being a Digital Nomad, gypsy, or nomadic hippie, let’s think a little different. Let’s go crazy here for a little. Shall we….?

This idea has surfaced through a pain felt by following the traditional path, you know the one by which we get a “JOB” and then work for the money to find our way to happiness. I feel everyone has felt this even for a moment and even followed this plan for a while and either woken up or is still scared shitless on this journey. So it made me think, “is there a better way”, “a better way to transition” transition into a life worth living, now? Well I have and many others believe we can make this happen….

Let’s take it a little deeper…

But as I followed the path of “finding myself” I soon realised that I was again, being told what to do, and how to live my life. I found that by letting go of a typical job and tribe of workers, I fell into another tribe of people. You could call it a “personal development”, “personal growth” world. It is an industry full of powerful and amazing people, but something kept coming up for me. It was a voice saying, “do we really need to be told the “how to” find ourselves and the stepping stones to get there?, are we not all individuals? with a very unique path? It never made sense for me as my greatest evolvement, was when I really just chose not handle the way I felt un nice in a given situation anymore. The opportunity to do this would usually come up (the trigger, pain etc) when I was around people, anxiety, crippling tension in the chest as I tried to grasp why this interaction sucked so much, funny that. Why do we meet certain people do you think?, for me I soon realised that if they “pissed me off” they were reflecting an area back to me that was something I had to work on, so then I would go and explore that with the tools I had now. And if I jelled with them then this was a so called “angel”, to support me along the path, a little gentler, but they also brought up my triggers.

The later experience was amplified lately with an experience I had in Bali Indonesia, it was a retreat by my friend Jacob Sokol, it was called Sensophy. It was an experience like no other I have felt, I seeked connection, I seeked like minded tribe, I seeked that juicy connection, with both genders (-:, this experience blew my mind of what is possible for a small tribe, in 10 days, I had made freinds for the rest of my life, built team & found my purpose (at least a hint of it) and propelled forward on a passion fuelled journey! But then, the retreat ended, the world, the reality I left came plummeting at me, bills, job, tribe (that I left, and despised), fear, negative thoughts etc, greeted me at the gate, the gate out!

This left me with a scar. But it turned out to be a fuel, a fuel to create a solution to this problem. Why can’t we live like we did on the retreat?, why do we have to pay large somes of money to get what was and supposed to be just the basics when we landed here on earth? A loving group of people that brought the best out in you and acted like a pressure cooker for your soul to evolve. So I have been on this quest ever since finding, designing a solution, designing a new life, system worth living in, to allow us to go from Surviving 2 Thriving etc, you get my drift. More on this later. I will be back.

What does your ideal life look like, ever felt it was possible to live a global life with you and your tribe?

Let me know what’s on your crazy mind and maybe we can jam on it a bit… (-:

Love Dean

Sensophy retreat — http://sensophy.com/