Tribe Design for a better Game

I have been thinking a lot lately about the architecture of our realities. In particular the architecture of a TRIBE.

Architecture: meaning the structure or logic used to bring from to a potentially formless idea or experience.

You know how we come together as “Tribes” (friends, family & acquaintances), we hide away in our, what I like to call “Hives” (houses) whilst we carry out a thing called “work” and we send our children to a thing called “school”.

On this thing we call “weekends”, we associate with a tribe (community), maybe a religion, maybe a football club, maybe a knitting club, all on the verge of seeking something, maybe on the surface it is achievement, a skill and in all behind it all when you trace that little desire down to it’s thick roots, it is belonging and appreciation, but we can go a bit further. It’s that feeling…….. that feeling you maybe had and felt when you were a open hearted little boy/girl or teenager and felt this energy when you met someone special, some may of named it love or lust.

So my question is, could we just dive into the source and cut all the bullshit? Then go from there? I suppose you could say, “go to source” daily and harness the ultimate fuel for life? Then use that as fuel to work our way through all resistance that we call “life”?. Maybe….

As I relate to the world I experience now, I think “is it not a weak way to build tribe these days” as mentioned above? Let’s think about a “football club” tribe. So we have this excuse, this excuse to come together and connect with each other, maybe enhance that connection with a little bit of heart opening mind altering substance. Then we come together to this place where these men/women kick a ball around and get it in these things called goals. The outcome being is that your team wins or it does not, the outcome of this is that you then go into connecting with your tribe on a little deeper (you have just achieved something together apparently), oh that shit feels good, safety, comfort, like minded people wanting the same thing. So when we step out of this scene, go back home we are faced with the world, the world you have created, the creation of this world may look something like this. Monday morning, stress arises, as we think of all the things “they” told us to do, which we didn’t do, and when we don’t do them, then “they” will not approve of us. Sort of like when your parents did not approve of something, they disconnected from you, they threatened you with pulling their love away from you in whatever form it looked like. This has left us with a nice little brain chemistry patterned which says, “we must be approved, and our actions approved by someone external of us if we are to be loved. But then we take this little pattern into every relationship we go into, think of this as the, Work, intimate or business relationships. With this comes attachmnent. It breeds, it wears us down and in the end we break. So what if we had no attachment to what others think of us? Oh damn, shit be free!!! My cells are buzzing just thinking about it!

But then we slow down and we think about this conundrum and that’s where we go wrong, we think first and then feel later vs feel first and think later.

When we think the world does not work like this yet it gets messy. It’s tough when 90% of the humans don’t live this way and the feedback to pulling away from “how it’s always been done” is painful. It goes against all that we have been taught all that is traditional, but what lies still behind all of this is a faintness of what is beneath, what is inside, that we keep coming back to as fuel.

My question is, do we as humans, with a condition have to make this journey so complicated, when we already have the blueprint to build tribe we want inside of us. Can we not short circuit all the bullshit out and operate from Source. Do we have to go to these extents to build a tribe outside of our traditional families to get that feeling of belonging, love and appreciation. In a modern tribe we don’t. There is another way. What about a tribe that comes together for a new “game” the game of life?. I think so.

Do we really need a tribe?

Sometimes I feel I don’t. But then what I have learnt is that it is a lonely and difficult road if you want to live in this reality. If you don’t and you were born without “stuff” (mental limitations) then a tribe in my experience would not be required. As we could roam the world feeling loved, safe and abundant because we knew and felt we are loved and deserving of everything that came our way.

So if we want to and feel for society and this reality that we have found ourselves in, then we might need a Tribe to support us to grow the solution. A Tribe provides safety, abundance through sharing, wisdom, and most of the tools needed to grow collectively to a better future, we cannot do it alone. When we disocoiate ourselfs from this reality and the people in it we find ourselfs living a difficult life full of segregation and lack of vibrancy. It can be done, but it takes an interesting character on a whole other path to do it healthy.

So who wants to design a new “game” a game by which we come together to play to design a new blueprint for a new simple and efficient way of living in the world we experience today?

If your interested in playing, reach out and connect with me through or through facebook.

Namaste brothers and sisters.