TA015: How to shift from poverty to prosperity with Lisa Nichols (@2motivate)


Lisa Nichols is one of the world’s most requested motivational speakers and CEO of Motivating the Masses Inc., the only publicly traded personal and business development training companies in the US. She has authored 7 New York Times Bestsellers, served over 30 million people and has appeared on Oprah, The Today Show, the Steve Harvey Show, and Extra.

Almost 20 years ago, Lisa Nichols was a single mother on government assistance with less than $12 in her bank account. She turned her life around and is known by peers today as “The Breakthrough Specialist,” famous for motivating others to overcome difficulties and pursue their dreams.

In this episode we talk about Lisa’s new book Abundance NOW, the 4 E’s to living more abundantly, investing in the enhancement of your life and vital advice to 9-to-5ers who are ready to take the leap into entrepreneurship. Join us for all this and more in this edition of The Thriving Artist podcast!

“Growth is just as much about what you are willing to release, as it is about what you’re willing to hold on to.”

Essential Learning Points From This Episode:

  • Why you shouldn’t quit your 9 to 5 just yet.
  • How the 4 E’s (enrichment, endowment, engagement, enchantment) will help you to achieve true abundance.
  • The reason why you don’t have to find your purpose in your career.
  • Using your J-O-B to invest in your future.
  • The mistakes everyone makes that leads to a lack of abundance.
  • Pushing past discomfort to achieve your breakthrough.
  • Why embracing where you are in life is a major key to achieving the abundance you desire.
  • How to create goals that stretch you, not stress you.
  • Effective visualization techniques.
  • & much more!
“ Anywhere that you want to take your life, you must take your mindset first.”

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“ Your goals are supposed to stretch you, not stress you.”

Books mentioned in this episode

Abundance NOW, Lisa Nichols

No Matter What, Lisa Nichols

The Secret, Rhonda Bryne

Edited by: Kevon Brown

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