New York Jets: 2017 Draft

The New York Jets disappointed again. This year worse than others. Following the somewhat success of the 2015 season, there was hope the Jets would be able to get over the hump and make it into the playoffs. Now that I am thinking straight, I realize we are talking about the Jets. The NY Jets are a terrible organization. They can’t win. 2015 ended in what is now a classic way for the team. All they had to do was beat the Buffalo Bills and they would be in the playoffs. What happened? They blew the game and their season. This past 2016 season was even worse. They won a total of 5 games. It was a total disaster and now they must tear down the team and rebuild. Ryan FitzMAGIC as he was once called is no magician on the field. He’s not even a decent quarterback and must go. The team must change. They haven’t won the Super Bowl since 1969 when it was Super Bowl 3. Since then, The Jets have been a sad thing to watch. This is now the story of the Jets. They show signs of growth and hope, but can’t deliever when the time comes.

The Jets are now focused on the 2017 NFL draft, but first lets review their six prior first round selections.

2012: Quinton Coples

2013: Dee Milliner and Sheldon Richardson

2014: Calvin Pryor

2015: Leonard Williams

2016: Darron Lee

As we can see, the only good players to come out of these first round picks were Leonard Williams and Sheldon Richardson. They got lucky with Sheldon Richardson as he was there second pick in the first round. So, 4 out of 6 have busted. Thats the Jets for you — a bust. However, that’s the past and one must look on to the future. Keep in mind they may trade Sheldon Richardson for more picks which, in my opinion, is smart considering the only good thing the Jets have is there defensive line.

The Jets have the 6th pick in the NFL draft. This may be a good pick because they selected Leonard Williams with the 6th pick. Maybe the 6th pick is lucky for them. Maybe I’m crazy too.

This team has many needs — QB, RB, CB, LB, TE to name a few. At number 6, the Jets have a few options. Lets go through 3 of those options.

  1. Take a QB:

The Jets are done with Ryan Fitzpatick and it’s clear they are not going to give Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg a shot at winning the job. This draft isn’t loaded with QB talent, but there are some players who have potential. DeShaun Watson is one player who I feel has the skill set to make it in the league. A 6–3, 215lb QB, he has thrown for 10,168 yards and 90 TD’s at Clemson. His 32 interceptions are a concern, but because the Jets QB’s arn’t any better, he wouldn’t be a bad choice for them. Again, Watson is not a lock to be a star in this league and free agent QB’s like Mike Glennon and Tyrod Taylor may affect the odds of the Jets selecting a QB first.

Odds Taken in the First Round: 35% chance they take a QB

2. Take a RB:

Last offseason they signed Matt Forte. He was solid, but only that. Down the stretch he was in and out with nagging injuries and appears to be slowing down. It would be wise for the Jets to move on from Forte because of his injuries and he was losing snaps to Bilal Powell. Bilal stepped up big time in the little amount we saw of him. In the final 4 games of the season he rushed for 411 yards, 141 reception yards, and had a total of 3 touchdowns. But, I don’t know if we can trust Powell because of how little we saw of him. Players like Leonard Fournette and Dalvin Cook are really shining in college and they have a chance to help a team like Elliott has helped Dallas.

Odds Taken in the First Round: 25% chance they take a RB

3. Take a CB:

The Jets have issues at CB now. From being a star studded back field with Antonio Cromartie and Darrelle Revis to having no one a couple of years later. From Revis Island to Manhattan Island — everyone is allowed to come in. Not only is Revis done in the NFL, he faces multiple felony charges for his alleged altercation. The Jets will release Revis and there need for CB will only grow. Marshon Lattimore out of Ohio State is an interesting pick for them. He led his team in defended passes and was second in interceptions. He earned First Team All-Big Ten Honors. He is explosive, sticks on to his opponent, and has a quick instinct that will come in handy for any team. A skilled defensive back is what the Jets need to reboot their defense.

Odds Taken in the First Round: 40% chance they take a CB