NFL Top Free Agents

The NFL regular season came and went. Now we are making our way through the NFL postseason with all eyes on the Cowboys, but i’m already starting to think about the offseason and what big name players may be hitting the market and be on the move.

Le’Veon Bell (RB: Pittsburgh Steelers)

Bell is agurably the best back in football. This was his year he needed to produce in order to earn big bucks. He produced more then anyone expected considering he just came off a significant injury and suspension. Bell ended his season with 1,884 total yards and finished 5th in rushing yards with 1,268 in just 12 games. Thats outstanding. It would be in Bell’s best interest if he would be able to work out a long term deal this offseason with the Steelers. Why should he have to play on a one year franchise tag? Pay the man! As of now, Bell and Pittsburgh are not coming to terms on a deal and it looks like Pittsburg will apply the $12.4 million franchise tag on him for 2017. I am confident, however, that Bell will be remaining in Pittsburg for years to come.

Kirk Cosuins (QB: Washington Redskins)

How do I explain Kirk Cousins? He’s not great. He's not bad. He’s right in between. He has his moments, but then goes back to being just an average QB. For me, thats not good enough. Washington is in a tough spot. Kirk is probably the best QB on the market this offseason, but in my opinion is not worth a long term deal. Washington used the tag on Cousins last year and now with about $70 mil in cap space available and a GM that likes Cousins, they should be able to lock him up long term.

Alshon Jeffery (WR: Chicago Bears)

Alshon needs out of Chicago FAST. Im sure he’s miserable there and it’s just not working. His numbers are decling not because he is not good, but because Chicago can’t find a QB. They wasted their money on Jay Cutler in what his probably one of the worst contracts ever and now have a lot of issues to figure out. They should have tried trading Jeffery during the season in order to see what they could of got for him. Now, he either walks for nothing, the tag is applied and traded later on, or the tag is applied and he is signed to a long term contract next year. As of now, im expecting the tag to be applied and possibly a trade later on because they do have a young talented WR in Cameron Meredith so they might as well float Jeffery on the trade market. If they let him walk now, I think the Patriots are a top option for him.

Eddie Lacy (RB: Green Bay Packers)

Something is not right with Lacy. He isn’t your normal NFL back. He is more of a fullback. He did lose weight, but he has to lose more. This year was another bust for Lacy. He had season ending ankle surgery and now will most likely sign back with Green Bay on a short term deal to prove he can still play. This situation is becoming increasingly similar to Trent Richardson’s.

Adrian Peterson (RB: Minnesota Vikings)

Adrian Peterson is 32 years old and suffered another knee injury this past season. He is under contract for 2017 and can possibly earn $18 million, but it is not guarenteed. It is likely that If he does not restructure his contract, then you can say goodbye to AD in Minnesota. If he is released, some potential teams that could sign him are the Baltimore Ravens, New York Giants, Washington Redskins, and Carolina Panthers.

Ronald Leary (G: Dallas Cowboys)

Leary is part of that amazing Cowboys offensive line. They need to lock him up. Having locked up Tyron Smith and Travis Frederick already, it is now time for Leary to cash in. Look for the Cowboys to prioritize their big men up front and pay Leary as well as Zack Martin in 2019 when he is an unrestricted free agent.

Jason Pierre-Paul (DE: New York Giants)

Prior to his ridiculous injury in 2015, JPP was a dominant force. He played that following season with one hand so the Giants signed him to a 1 year deal. He came back this season with 2 hands, 7 fingers and proved he could play just as well. He Recorded 7 sacks this season before being knocked out due to another injury. The Giants would like to lock him in, but they recently signed Olivier Vernon to a $85 million contract so it’s going to be tough to sign JPP. I believe they will come to terms on a contract, but it has to be more then 1 year as JPP already stated he isnt signing another one year deal. If he hits the market, look for teams like the Buccaneers, Raiders, and Jaguars to make a play.

Demarcus Ware (OLB: Denver Broncos)

Demarcus Ware is in decline. He is 34 and has missed 10 games combined the past two seasons. He just finished his final year and I feel Denver is going to let him walk. They have to sign Russell Okung first and it will be interesting to see if they even offer anything to Ware. Ware’s time might be up in the NFL, but if he wants to continue playing it will most likely be elsewhere on a cheap contract.

Eric Berry (S: Kansas City Chiefs)

Chiefs must keep Berry. There is no question. He is a pro bowl safety and the Chiefs just need him on defense. He is one of the best at his postion and there can be no way that he leaves KC. Look for him to be locked up long term.