The Land of Opportunity

The Superstar Shake Up happened this week in the WWE. Let’s go over the results!


Miz and Maryse

Dean Ambrose

Bray Wyatt :(

Alexa Bliss :,(

Mickie James

Apollo Crews

Heath Slater and Rhyno


and… Curt Hawkins

Smackdown Live:

Kevin Owens (and possibly Chris Jericho)

Charlotte Flair

The New Day



Sami Zayn

The Shining Stars

Jinder Mahal


and Sin Cara

Let’s Grade the trades!

Dean Ambrose for Kevin Owens (again and possibly Chris Jericho!):

Smackdown wins this trade. No offense to Dean, he was the WWE Champ and he was Smackdown’s first overall pick back when they did the draft. However, getting Kevin Owens, who is probably one of the best heels in the company for a person who had a feud with James Ellsworth is a steal! Did I mention there’s a chance they get Jericho too?

It Couple for Russian Couple:

This one is a tie. Miz and Maryse are great on the Mic and can feud with anyone in the mid card to push them. Plus I love the fake John Cena and fake Nikki Bella gimmick. I also love the idea of Rusev on Smackdown. Smackdown needs more heels since AJ is basically a face. I also like that they are packaging Lana and Rusev separately.

Bray Wyatt for Sami Zayn:

This one is also a tie… Raw wins as far as getting the person who has a match for the WWE Title, and Sami Zayn wins for going to Smackdown. I’m so close to giving up hope on Bray Wyatt… They could do so many things with him and yet they chose to just make him lose. There’s no way he’s going to beat Randy Orton and there’s no way he’ll beat Fin Balor. Sami on the other hand, can now really show off his skills. He can have amazing matches with AJ, Orton, Shinsuke, and Rusev. If the writers of Smackdown can make Baron Corbin feel like their version of Braun Strowman, I imagine they can do wonders with Zayn.

Alexa Bliss and Mickie James for Charlotte Flair and Tamina:

Smackdown barely wins this. If it would’ve been Sasha Banks or any other woman other than Charlotte, Raw would have won this in a landslide. I love Alexa Bliss. I think she is one of the best heels in the company, right now I would say only Kevin Owens and Charlotte are better than her as far as being a heel. However, Charlotte is the LeBron James of women’s wrestling. Talent like her’s only comes around once in a generation. I would’ve traded Alexa, Natalya, and Carmella for Charlotte.

Apollo Crews for Jinder Mahal:

Eh… I mean I guess Smackdown wins this… I mean they actually used Jinder in a match and we didn’t even see Apollo Crews… so yeah, another one for Smackdown.

Heath Slater and Rhyno for The New Day:

Who here thinks Raw won this trade? Who? Who? WHO? whO? wHo? Who? What was Slater and Rhyno’s catch phrase as the tag champs? I need this job I have kids, and Rhyno. The New Day sell a lot of merchandise. They are one of the greatest factions in WWE History. Not to mention individually, they are each really good wresters. New… Day Rocks! New… Day Rocks!

Kalisto for Sin Cara:

Winner? Baron Corbin I guess? If they didn’t say the names of the wresters before each match I would not have known there was a trade.

Curt Hawkins for the Shining Stars:

Talent wise, it’s probably better to get two jobbers for the price of one. However, the Shining Stars had a pretty decent debut for Smackdown. They appeared and beat up American Alpha who were just the tag team champions a couple weeks ago. So I guess Smackdown wins again.


5–1–2 Smackdown stole the show! They now have bolstered their talent and have so many different story options they can go with from now on. It’s going to be great to watch, but I’m still going to miss Alexa Bliss.

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