The MLB 2017 season in a nutshell

After a month of the 2017 MLB season, it is time to recap the “Really?!’s” and “Duh’s” of the season


New York Yankees-

After finishing fourth (out of fifth) in the AL East last season, the New York Yankees’ began their 2017 Broadway spectacle with a theme of rebuilding. The Yankees were projected to finish farther away from the playoffs than a Boston bar. Yet, a month into the season, the Yankees are first in the East. Their lineup consists of the AL home run leader and five players who are hitting over .300.

Chicago White Sox-

Just like the New York Yankees, the South Side of Chicago placed fourth in their division (AL Central) last season. The White Sox spent most of 2016 gazing up at the Cleveland Indians, who went on to win the American League Pennant. Currently the White Sox are 0.5 games out of first place in the AL Central.

Toronto Blue Jays-

The Toronto Blue Jays have been a consistent powerhouse in the American League East for quite some time. Last year, the Blue Jays were three games away from the World Series. After watching watching Edwin Encarnacion leave via free agency, the Jays have plummeted to last place in the East.

San Francisco Giants-

The San Francisco Giants have been the only threat to the Los Angeles Dodgers in the NL West. The Giants made the playoffs twice in the past three seasons. A month in, Giants fans are swimming in uncharted waters far scarier than McCovey Cove. Two days ago, the team announced All Star pitcher, Madison Bumgarner, will be out until after the All-Star break. A tough break for a team that is dead last in the NL West.

No Duh…

Washington Nationals-

The nation’s capital sports a line up that gets scarier as you move down. Young phenomenon Trea Turner is hitting .317. Bryce Harper is going insane with a .391 batting average and nine home runs. Daniel Murphy is going off, again, with a .343 batting average. That is only a third of their line up. Their pitching is not too shabby either. Tanner Roark and Gio Gonzalez are both 3–0. Oh, that guy Stephen Strausberg has a 1.00 WHIP. Obviously they are first in the NL East.

Colorado Rockies-

After acquiring Ian Desmond during this past offseason, the Colorado Rockies solidified an already powerhouse line up. Nolan Arenado, Charlie Blackmond and David Dahl have hit a combined 21 home runs. As Desmond comes back from the Disabled List, watch out for the Rockies to build off their already impressive season. Obviously they are first in the NL West.

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