Tony Romo: The Saga Continues

Tony Romo

Tony Romo was the face of the Dallas Cowboys. Romo was the franchise. He was selected to four Pro Bowls. The Eastern Illinois University alumni was the NFL Passer Rating Leader in 2014. He did lead the Cowboys to the postseason four times. Unfortunately, we are not living in the past anymore. As Romo aged, his body grew frail and could not keep up with the intensity of the NFL. Year after year, Romo was plagued by injury after injury. In 2008, he broke his pinkie finger. Two years later he broke his left collarbone. Then he ruptured a disk. Later he broke his left collarbone, again (and then a third time). The list is endless. Romo has been seriously injured in each of the past four seasons. However, even with an aging and injured Romo, the Cowboys fully intended to keep him on the roster. Then, in last year’s NFL draft, the Cowboys selected quarterback, Dak Prescott. After another Tony Romo injury, Dak got the opportunity to start and he shined. Tony was no longer the franchise.

As we go through the NFL Free Agency of 2017, us fans are listening to reports that Tony Romo will be released. No. Traded. Not Yet. They will release him. Wait, they will look to trade him again. One more time… releasing him? We do not know what is going on in Jerry Jones’ office, but I am fairly certain Tony Romo will not be a Cowboy in 2017. There is no reason for the Cowboys to waste cap room on him.

If released or traded, Romo’s possible landing destinations appear to be:

  • The Houston Texans
  • The Denver Broncos
  • Possibly the New York Jets and San Fransisco 49ers.

If traded he will most likely go to the Texans or Broncos. I think it would be wiser for the Broncos to trade for him rather than the Texans. The Broncos boast one of the strongest defenses in the league, and they have the offensive weapons to produce. Denver is in a “win-now” mode and current quarterback, Trevor Siemian is not that guy. The Broncos need a Pro-Bowl QB who can still play. Romo proved why is the perfect and best option last year when he briefly took over. Romo can lead a well primed Denver squad and gives them a better shot than Trevor Siemian at making the playoffs. I am not sold that Denver is definitely interested because if they were, a trade would have happened already. I think they should be.

If Romo is released, then he can go anywhere he pleases. The Jets and 49ers have major quarterback issues, but I am ruling them both out. The 49ers just signed Brian Hoyer and the Jets are in a rebuilding stage, typically not the time to sign an almost 37 year old quarterback. Tony Romo is Houston-bound if released. He will probably want to stay in Texas and join a team with playoff potential. They have a solid defense and an upcoming offense led by wide receiver, DeAndre Hopkins. I do think Denver gives him the better chance to win, but the idea of staying in Texas might be more appealing to him.

So, these are my two scenarios — either traded to Denver or signed with Houston. It does not seem that Denver or Houston is pushing for a trade. I think Houston recognizes this and that is why they were quick to get rid of Brock Osweiler. By getting rid of him (and that ridiculous contract) they save tons of money and cleared the way for Romo. Now they wait. They will wait for Tony Romo to be released by Dallas and they will pounce. If Denver was really trying to trade for him, it most likely would have happened already. Houston sees the game Dallas is playing. Dallas keeps saying teams such as Denver are interested, but I am not buying it and neither is Houston.

Prediction: Tony Romo will eventually be released and will sign with the Houston Texans.

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