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And regret always comes last.

Every time at the beginning of the year, many of us set up a new year’s resolution. But most of us don’t actually tick all the boxes — some people didn’t even start.

Then the following year, we’d just do the same thing, over and over again for the rest of our life. Most people give in to cheap distractions, make excuses, and ends up with some sort of justifications as to why they don’t meet their goals. It’s always easier to not do the work and just succumb to our desires.

If this sounds like you, that’s good. At…

Excuses are not the answer.

It is never easy to be in the wrong. When we were kids, we get scolded if we do something wrong, which may have led us to learn to make excuses. Sometimes, I still meet people who behave like kids; they make excuses instead of admitting their mistakes.

In this article, we’ll look at how we should handle this situation like an adult.

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Most of the time, you have to pick yourself up.

Life is full of ups and downs. The moment you step out of your parents’ house, you’ll realise that the world is not so kind. Sometimes it’s because we lack skills or talent; other times, it’s the timing or situation.

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You just need to enjoy life.

In a society that over glorifies goals and life purposes, sometimes we forget that at the end of it all, what we are seeking is happiness. Our end goal is to enjoy life.

Even in my articles, I often emphasize the importance of having a purpose and goals. And I’m not saying that’s not important; instead, I want to share another angle of seeking happiness.

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Because not everything is worth doing.

How many side projects have you left unfinished? There are times when you have the spark and passion for an idea, but you just can’t do it immediately. There are ideas that you would always come back to every now and then but never end up finishing. Despite all that, the spark will never be gone because it’s something you genuinely care about.

As creative individuals, we often had a lot of things we want to do. It might be creating a new blog post, building your own business, or maybe starting a YouTube channel. …

It’s not something to be found; it was never lost, to begin with.

One day, I will be happy. One day, I will have a nice paying job or maybe start my own business. So that one day, I will be successful. And one day, I will be able to enjoy life, sit back, and relax… One day.

That’s how I used to think when I was a kid. Even now, it sounds really nice if only I can live that way. But the question is when is “one day”?

When can we be happy with our life? One day? When will the day come? There is no answer to it, but there…

Because everyone is the protagonist of their life

Why do you care?

As you grow up, you start to think more about what people think of you.

You stopped doing things that others don’t approve of.

At some point, you might even stop doing the things you love if they told you to.

In the end, you don’t even know if you really love what you do.

And in the end, you are not sure about “you”.


When someone disapproves of what you do.

And they don’t believe in you.

When someone leaves you because of what you love to do.

…And when you start losing the sense of what makes…

It is just a part of the process

Failing is one of the things that people fear the most. Some people went to the extent of not trying at all, just because they are afraid to fail.

A lot of people think failing is a disgrace. It is a stain on their glorious life. But on the long run, failing is an essential part of being a better person.

In this article, we will try to shift our mindset around failure: failing does not make you a failure.

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Practical tips for making decisions.

Isn’t it just weird? When you are in school, you thought you’d have it all figured out by now. But instead, as you get older, you question your life even more:

What am I doing with my life?

Should I find a job or continue with my study? If I get a job, what kind of career should I pursue? How long should I stay in a company? How about marriage? Kids?

In hindsight, that’s what life is about — an endless cycle of making decisions after decisions.

‍This article was originally published on the Tiny Wisdom website.

Practical tips for job seekers and fresh graduates.

Job hunting is never easy. You send your resume to many companies and hope that at least one of them invite you for an interview. But once you land an interview, how do you make sure you don’t blow your chance?

Based on my experience in hiring, interviewing, searching for a job, and getting a job in Singapore and Indonesia, I hope this article would help you ace your next interview.

‍This article was originally published on the Tiny Wisdom website.

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