Local Student Finally Feels Comfortable Enough to Come Out as a Racist

This past Wednesday, local student Darren Weiss decided to come out and reveal that he is actually a racist. “I always felt like it was a part of my identity that I had to hide and keep secret” says Weiss, “people at Maret can still be very unaware of their privilege. Every time someone talked about equality or how discrimination is bad, I felt I had to conceal a part of me.” After numerous recent assemblies, however, Weiss tells us he was inspired, and finally felt that he did not have to hide anymore. “Everyone has been really accepting,” Weiss stated, “ and I was amazed at the incredible support given to me by my friends and family.” Weiss has since started a racist affinity group that meets in the science seminar room every Wednesday. As Weiss said in his convocation announcement, “If you are just a little bit racist or questioning your racial ideals, you should come talk with us.” Weiss says the group is an accepting place and is open to anyone. Except blacks.

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