Student Hunger Strike To Protest SEL Reaches Day 40

Tensions are high as the hunger strike started by a group of students in protest of Maret’s Social Emotional Learning program passes the 40 day mark today. Since the protest began, 14 students have been airlifted to the intensive care unit in critical condition. “The protest will go as long as it has to, until those responsible for SEL are brought to justice” says group organizer Jenny Portnoy. “My heart goes out to those who are currently hospitalized, but they were aware of the cost and they know that their sacrifice is for a greater purpose.”

Dean of students Lauren Williams has publicly denounced the protests, stating, “I just don’t see why you all hate SEL so much! It’s really not so bad!”

Williams was later attacked by a mob of angry students and teachers, and has since been issued an armed escort for her own protection against the insurgents.

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