Teacher Goes Naked For Entirety of Class To See If Second Semester Seniors Notice

In a bold move Tuesday afternoon, local teacher Gerry Wilson decided to test how attentive his all-second-semester-senior class actually was, and taught for an entire period without wearing any clothing at all.

Mr. Wilson lectured on liberal socialism, Pascal’s triangle, and Cervantes’ Don Quixote for the whole fifty-minute class period, with his genitalia fully visible for the entire time. This is the latest in a series of increasingly desperate attempts by Mr. Wilson to catch his students’ attention. “It’s a shame,” he remarks, “I really thought they’d notice if I was bare-buttocked all class. Guess not. On the bright side I’ve always wanted to be in the nude in public again, so might as well do it for a good cause.”

At press time, Mr. Wilson was being summoned by authorities for further questioning.

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