TOK App ICO Extended

Greetings All TOK Supporters,

We, TEAM TOK, appreciate every single person for their constant support of the TOK’s vision and success, even in this volatile crypto climate. For the past few months, we have worked hard to build up various business partnerships and strengthen global market utilization.

We are here to stay. With the mini version of the app just around the corner, the ‘TOK ICO Public Sale is now Extended’!

Considering a lot of scenarious, discussions and the current trend, the TOK Team has come to a decision to extend the ICO by 2 months, i.e: from the 30th of November 2018 to the 31st of January 2019, with the goal to achieve our soft cap of USD 5Mn. We think that this soft cap should be enough for us to launch the main version and continue operations till The TOK App becomes self-sustaining.

Meanwhile, the TOK project continues to gather ICO-participating and partnership proposals which will see the TOK App scale up to newer heights. For a successful global launch of the TOK app, and for all TOK investors, the success of our ICO is critical to begin with. The TOK Team aims to ‘reduce’ the uncertainty of ICO project’s success in today’s turbulent crypto market, and focus on real development while simultaneously protecting investments from you, the people, in our TOK community.

Again, The TOK Team is ever grateful to all who have shown trust and faith in the project and thus CONGRATULATIONS are in order as the TOK app goes live in a few days.

*Please note that the token distribution, for all the bounty participants will happen once the application goes live (While we are waiting for App store to approve) and at the same time we will be coming up with new bounty programs so don’t miss this opportunity to grab free tokens till 31st January 2019.

Best Regards,

The TOK Team.