The Tok App — More than Instant Messaging

Have you ever used WhatsApp? For sure the answer will be “Yes”.
But do you know that there is the possibility to use an innovative app, that offers the instant messaging functionalities and much more?

Its name is THE TOK APP and it combines high level privacy and security of user data with the most convenient functionality — the Blockchain framework.

What does THE TOK APP offer?
· Chat, granting data security, high-speed and efficiency;
· Audio and Video Call, to make the communication easier;
· File sharing and Collaborative Docs, so that you can work on them with your study or working team;
· Webinars, that you can attend as well as organize, inviting people to join them;
· Video Conferencing, so that you will be available everytime your job needs it;
· Screen sharing, if you have to make a business presentation;
· Wallet, to buy and sell your cryptocurrency or to pay with ease.

Not enough? We also thought about people who wants even more: they will be able to access our Premium Services by using The Tok Token.

The best is yet to come: are you ready for it?