— to the Top-Bottom Stigma in Offices

There is a stigma in this world we live in. A stigma that has occurred for years. A stigma that has cause numerous conflicts. A stigma that is in almost every organisation.

Hence, unless you work solo, this stigma will 99% of the time, be there.

About 61% of the world’s population are being employed, or 4.2 billion people. You and I are probably part of that 4.2 billion.

Are you employed or are you one of those who employ?

Whichever you are, this stigma applies to all of us.

The employee-employer or boss-staff or top management and I, stigma.

Have you ever found your employees talking behind your back or finding fault with your instructions or just basically giving you the look of hate?

Have you ever gossiped about your boss and think that he is the biggest loser in the world and wondered how he ever got to his position?

There is and always will be a HUGE gap between the bosses and their employees. Let’s give both parties the benefit of doubt, that they have each done their best in doing their job.

We’ve made the bosses our enemy and the bosses think that the employees are all lazing around.

From the employees:

We have met them all. The bosses.

The calm. The panicky. The indifferent. The authoritarian. The brother. The pretender. The emotional. The ignorant.

If you have been under more than five supervisors/managers/bosses, you will know that every one of them are totally different from the previous. Which means that we will have to re-learn and re-adapt to the new boss’ methods, ways and personality.

Oh! Did you not re-learn and re-adapt?

That might explain a few frustrations and irritation that you felt with you new supervisor.

From the employers:

If you’ve never been at a basic (lower) position before in the history of your working life, then I can only refer you to the word empathy.

However, if you have worked your way up to where you are now, we will need to eventually remember where we once came from. Although there is a high percentage of people who did not CHOOSE to be in the position of top management.

The only reason they are there is because they needed the pay increase — not to lead a bunch of numbskulls to meet daily, weekly and monthly productivity targets.


This gap between employers and employees has cause many to be hurt and jobs left undone and everybody frustrated. There is nobody (except for the few pessimists) who would want to wake up every morning and go to work in a place where resentment, cynicism and distrust fills the air. If you have been dragging yourself out from bed to get to work, why bother?

We spend an average of eight hours in the office each day or about one-thirds of our day at work. I believe the workplace should be where everybody can get along, and earn our keep by moving the company forward — together.


I have observed and worked in various offices. The Top-Bottom Stigma is an issue that needs both management and employees to rectify.

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