Words Distorted, Threats Unspoken

A short story

Photo by Peter Chiykowski on Unsplash

This piece was inspired by a prompt for The Top Ten Stories by Timothy J. Sabo and is part of a series of fictional pieces which aims to explore some current social issues. This one focuses on the prompt: “Distorted Christianity.”

“What the hell just happened?” asked Tom, as a smooth, pale, painted surface came into focus a couple of yards in front of his…



These are fictional stories created by Medium authors. Each author took one issue from an article published here on Medium, titled “The Top Ten things killing America.” These authors have written about how the character, Tom Gibson, had to deal with these issues in his own life.

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JF Danskin

JF Danskin

Author of the fantasy LitRPG ‘Sparta Online’ series. I blog about the craft of creative writing, and share stories too. Links: https://linktr.ee/jfdanskin