When I grow up, I want to go to the SaaStr Annual. What are your sales goals?

If you like reading about SaaS, the last week has been great. Everyone that went to the SaaStr Annual is recapping their trip. I’ve read a handful of personsal experiences, top things I learned, key takeaways, daily notes, lists, “our CEO spoke at…”.

It got me thinking. I need to be there next year. This is now a 2016 goal.

It’s great to read all these write ups the days after, but I’m sure there’s nothing like going. It’s like what Tracy Jordan (30 Rock) said about going to the NBA All-Star Game, “It changes you”.

Here’s three write ups I enjoyed about SaaStr 2016:

It was the final 1/2 thing learned that was my takeaway here…create a founder support group.

My action item is to buy Arron Ross’ Predictable Revenue in preparation of a SDR approach, however, it will be the free tools angle along with side project marketing that will be our focus for now.

Sales motions vs retention motions. Understand the difference.

Good reminder that all SaaS companies have the same challenges.

This one was close to home when discussing the importance of sales enablement and what happens when sales isn’t trained.

Sales Goals

So going to SaaStr 2017 isn’t necessarily a sales goal, but it’s definitely related.

If you’re in sales, do you have goals that fall outside of your quota? What drives you?

Here’s a list of possibles:

  1. A second home
  2. A new car
  3. Vacation with the family
  4. Promotion
  5. Enough money to start your own business
  6. Send kids to private school
  7. Save for college fund
  8. Addition to the home
  9. Redo kitchen or bathroom
  10. A gift for your significant other

Here’s to reaching the goals that drive you towards success.

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