It’s a fact in transition we rarely admit to

It’s not uncommon that a day goes by that I don’t receive an envious comment about my appearance or the status of my transition. I suppose, if I’m being completely forthright, I need to acknowledge that I am just as guilty of idolizing the status of other’s transitions. It’s a kind of sick line of thinking that shares similarities with a line from J. Geils’ ‘Love Stinks.’

You love her,
But she loves him.
And he loves somebody else,
You just can’t win…




The place to embrace the Triumphs and Tribulations of those who Transitioned and risked everything to live authentically.

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Kira Wertz

Kira Wertz

Pansexual, Polyamourous, Transgender Truck Driver, public speaker, activist, LGBTQ advocate, Jeeper and primary author at The Transition Transmission.

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