The Sound Of Virus

(Aeryn’s Lament)

Thank you, Paul Simon ❤

<music from “Sound of Silence” 1964>
The Sound of Virus

Hello pneumonia, my old friend
You’ve come to torture me again
Because a Virus evilly lurking
did it’s worst while I was sleeping
And the poison that was planted in my lungs
Begins again
It is the sound of Virus

Through my life I walked alone
Searched the world for I don’t know
I looked for peace to finally live my way
I traveled slowly to a far away
When my life was changed in a flash by a man one night
That raped me twice
And began the sound of Virus

And in the naked light I saw
Ten million people, maybe more
People screaming without speaking
People dying without knowing
People writing songs that voices never share
No one cared
Disturb the sound of Virus

“Friends” said I, “You do not know
HIV like cancer grows
Hear my words that I might reach you
Take my hands that I might save you”
But my words were lost like teardrops in the rain
And strengthened the power of Virus

And the people feared and prayed
To the angry god they made
And the Virus killed the old and young
With the power that it was gath’ring
And the Virus said,
“Your thoughts and prayers
Mean nothing when I come to call
I’ll kill you all…”
Whispered the voice… of Virus

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