It has Been a Month…

And this is my letter I’m writing to myself a month ago.

Dear Self,

Wow, what a month its been.

You can do this. You will do this. You are stronger than you know, braver than you realize, and you are bolder than you ever thought possible.

The tears though, they don’t go away, they just change with time.

Those are tears of fear tonight self, but soon they’re going to be bittersweet tears as you leave friends, family, and your beautiful house behind for a new life.

And tonight self, they’re tears of happiness. Of release. You did it.

One month ago you did the impossible. You declared to the world that you are Raychel Christine Sanner.

You did it boldly. You did it proudly. And self, I’m proud of you. Because what comes next is nothing short of a miracle.

Listen: Don’t bottle up your emotions. Leaving friends is hard. Leaving what you know for the unknown is a leap of faith greater than anything you’ve ever done.

But girl, its worth it. So much.

Self I’m writing to you on the other end of all of this. You just started your new job. You are confident. You are bold. You feel like your creative passions have just come alive again.

You’ll stop a few times, look yourself in the mirror. You’ll catch yourself thinking, “is this really my life?”

Self, it is.

You are about to come out. And you are scared.

But let me tell you something else: there are people in your life who are amazing. They’re going to surprise you. People you doubt now will be your greatest allies. People you are scared of losing will still be there.

Self: Those that do walk away you are not going to miss. They’re going to be like small weights leaving you.

And soon self, you are flying free.

Self, it is worth it.

Sleep well tonight because you are about to soar.


You, but from a month in the future.

P.S. Moving is really hard, so pace yourself better than I just did.

You did it girl.