The Man Card

The Penalties of Cashing Out

For the longest time there had been stories about a Mysterious “Black American Express Card.” Until the late 90’s it was in fact just a myth. Looking to capitalize on the hype that the myth had already instilled within the modern lexicon, American Express decided to make this fiction a reality. Today the hyper-rich might be offered an invitation to carry what’s now officially called the “American Express Centurion Card.”

Possession of the Centurion card has a plethora of perks; the most noteworthy of which is an undefined spending…




The place to embrace the Triumphs and Tribulations of those who Transitioned and risked everything to live authentically.

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Kira Wertz

Kira Wertz

Pansexual, Polyamourous, Transgender Truck Driver, public speaker, activist, LGBTQ advocate, Jeeper and primary author at The Transition Transmission.

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