The One About Conservatives Advocating for the Suicides of Trans Youth

It’s a numbers game, and they clearly don’t care about the numbers.

Recently the conservative media decided that in their attempt to prevent “gender confused” children (their words) from pursuing Transgender healthcare they would employ a scare tactic regarding a popular puberty blocking medication; the medication in question is Lupron.

Lupron is a medication that is used to treat prostate cancer in men, Endometriosis, and Fibroids in Women…




The place to embrace the Triumphs and Tribulations of those who Transitioned and risked everything to live authentically.

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It’s time to put trans* rights where they belong, first.

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Kira Wertz

Kira Wertz

Pansexual, Polyamourous, Transgender Truck Driver, public speaker, activist, LGBTQ advocate, Jeeper and primary author at The Transition Transmission.

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