This Isn’t A New Thing…

I see a bunch of friends going off on an article from a conservative Christian website ( The article gives instructions on how to groom your young wife to be a “ godly woman”. This isn’t new, they feel emboldened now to push harder.

When my wife and I were involved with the local church. We wanted to become better at being a couple. The church would offer marriage retreats to work on issues and talk about what a godly home looked like. One of the things that always seemed odd to me. When it came to talking about sex they would split us up like a 5th-grade sex-ed class. I couldn’t for the life of me understand why if we are married could we not talk about sex and intimacy together. Now having talked to my wife I understand she didn’t get the same talk I did. The men were told that their wives won’t be in the mood as much as them. They should keep that in mind but if you want sex it is there wife’s job to give it to them. For a wife to refuse would be ungodly.

As the husband, I was encouraged to get a mentor to help me navigate this world in a godly way. Looking back it was another person to try to please. Another way to have a hook in me to make it hard to leave. My wife got it the worst she was given all of these things that were her responsibility on top of working. If anything went wrong it was on her right down to if I cheated. That’s right, if the husband cheated it was her fault. I was infallible. The things my wife was taught in those breakouts still haunts her. She still deals with the weight that they put on her.

Now, this article comes out and it is a major step in force. It shows the end game where the conservative Christians want their religion to go. It is plain to see why they want to start young. To cultivate a new generation of men and women that hate deeper. and are willing to go to greater lengths to hold power. They know they are losing numbers. In turn, have moved to ultra-radicalize the younger generations. As a way to stop their losses and regain power, they have lost.

I know some are saying that is A bit of a leap but it is not, let me show you. In the marriage which was laid out in the article, all power is given to the husband. The husband is told to have a mentor. The mentor points the husband in the “right” direction. This ensures the husband continues to become more entrenched with church teachings. At the same time, the wife is getting the same from the husband and she also becomes more entrenched. Over time they become the leaders. They have a hard-line belief system with no room for anyone or anything that does not fit their views.

How does this relate to being transgender? In a few ways. One it builds a deep hatred of anyone that does not follow “god’s plan” that includes themselves. Two if someone does come out it means they can be completely cut out from the church and their own family. Leaving them completely alone. Again as I have talked about in a previous post here is enough to keep most inline. The fact is leaders in this group stopped caring about people going to heaven or hell. Instead care more about earthly power and they will do whatever they have to do to keep it. Even if that means destroying families for generations to come.

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