What the Fuck is “Normal?”

When “normal” people are anything but, maybe it’s time to reexamine what being “normal” even means.

A mass delusion so many suffer from. The notion that there is a “normal” human experience. Let’s explore the intricacies of this shared insanity.

There is a common idea running rampant in these United States of America. Which I prefer to view as the disconnected and disassociated nation of opinions. As if I need to tell you what body orifice opinions are like. For over a year now I have made every effort to always take the high road in all things. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to stay quiet about a good many issues plaguing our society. I am a transgender woman. This is irrefutable fact. Transgender women are among the most marginalized and disdained in the entirety of the lgbtq+ populace. If not all of society itself.

The ignorance we face from a mostly uneducated populace can be taxing beyond belief. Where does this lack of acceptance stem from? Why do average people cling to archaic notions? What is it that is so difficult to comprehend about differences? There is a poison running through the hearts and souls of so many people who if they only opened their hearts just a little could make an exponential difference in every minute aspect of societies basic principles. It’s so easy on paper. Everything falls apart in practice. Why?

The idea is normalcy. This singular word normalcy is a fallacy. We may feel safe in our little groups, above reproach even. How many times I’ve heard insecure men proclaim I’m a straight white male around me. Really? And whom are we trying to convince? I have a massive blog in the works on the fragility of the Male ego. Lets start here. In this life there are very few straight claiming men whom I’ve known that are not bi sexual in one way or another. After I came out some of the hardest of the hard admitted in private to me that they were bi. It was quite the eye opener. I am not stating every man is bi, though they probably are. There are plenty secure in who they are who don’t need to posture or act like their buddies.

For the sake of this article lets cross examine the insecure ones. The fear crowd. You know the type. Clownishly arrogant and always talking. Trying so desperately to impress everyone around them with their wit and acumen. Scared to death to let the wrong thing slip out. Terrified of being ridiculed. The ladies man with the moves that any girl couldn’t possibly resist. Not gay in the least. Someone who wants desperately to taste the forbidden fruit. So they pursue a trans woman to get the d because in their fragile mind it’s a woman but with something extra. The woman part overrides the male organ and makes it not gay in a justification of self. Which is part if not all of why post op women have a hard time finding a man. Because without your dick he’s just not that into you.

Despite whatever porn this group spends hours devoted to they still feel the need to group up and judge. For instance, I’m going to jerk off to trans porn and then my buddies and I are going to verbally harass trans women in the comment section of any article about them. Hiding behind a computer and spreading hate from their narrow view. Using religion and Jesus as some kind of mighty weapon and shield to let us know how horribly wrong we are. How we will go to hell and on and on. Despite all this vitriol most are attracted to us.

In my personal opinion I feel that the ones who beat the drum loudest are the ones hiding something. Attraction, bi sexuality or perhaps even trans themselves wishing they could transition. It gets old hearing the same old slurs and justifications for their abhorrent behavior. It’s childish and they need to grow up. It’s seems like a large percentage of the adults in America simply don’t know how to be an adult. They continue childish behaviors as if they are still in grade school. Oh well you’re gay and I’m superior and I have Jesus on my side. As myths go that one is pretty stupid.

Look at what just happened in my home state of Pennsylvania. Over 100 priests guilty of child molestation and over a thousand children who were victims of this complete and total abuse of power. Yet this is “normal” right? Going to church and following your priests orders to say hail Mary’s so you can be forgiven for all the things that make you feel oh so guilty. When will we come to peace with the idea that we are human and we make mistakes? It’s part of the learning process. Sin is an outdated idea. If you need a moral compass from a child molester then I don’t know what to tell you in all honesty.

When you start breaking these ideas and concepts down it all falls apart and normal doesn’t look so appealing anymore. Most of the trans women I know are sweet and beautiful women full of love and light. Ready to receive love and be authentic and true to themselves. Then I look at the poisonous rhetoric being spewed from the normal God loving crowd and I can’t help but wonder. What is so great about having hate and negativity in your heart and thoughts? What are you missing that perpetuates this culture? Would “Jesus” really condemn us? I hardly think so.

Cisgender sex, a man and a woman both of natal gender. This is all that there can possibly be. There is absolutely no variance from this whatsoever because the mean old white male that lives in the clouds will destroy the earth because a woman lies with another woman or man with man. Typed out on the screen do you not see the absolute redundant idiocy of this idea? We are all so different why is it we want to be assembly line ready? Criticism over how one chooses to live their life or who they choose to love. What do you care? How does this matter in any way to you personally?

Normal is a perception askew. It really doesn’t exist. Depending on if you run from your needs, try to purge them, beg for forgiveness for having them or embrace them. Normal simply does not exist. We are too colorful to try to force ourselves into black and white absolutes. And why do you want to? I didn’t touch TERF’s in this posting and I really want to take a quick second to state. Really? We are your greatest allies in this patriarchal system. Basically you prove that even in the LGBTQ+ there are bigots. We should be embraced for throwing our male privilege away not condemned. One mind at a time I suppose.

In closing Normal is a misguided sentiment by a percentage of the world’s population clinging to old bad ideas. Why resist evolution? When you embrace love instead of hate you transcend all the petty nonsense that so many are inundated and mired within.

Join the revolution!!!