What Kavanaugh Means For Transgender People

“grey-scale photo of people protesting with We Are Better Than This signage” by Jerry Kiesewetter on Unsplash

Last Saturday was an unfortunate day in the landscape of American politics. I will not take time recounting the allegations levied, the posturing, and anger of Kavanaugh, or the rushed and partisan tactics of the GOP to push through this nomination. The fact will now stand that both Clarence Thomas, and Brett Kavanaugh were appointed by the GOP despite sexual assault, and rape allegations. That fact should be enough to remind us how despicable that is on it’s own. But those facts are piled on top of other LGBT discrimination, and it is the reason so many of us our fired up, angry, and disillusioned with the state of the country.

Since 2016 we have seen over and over again the revisions to equality in this country. Each legislative season sees more anti-transgender bathroom bills introduced, along with religious discrimination provisions, and attempts to dismantle marriage equality, and adoption rights.

Now with the appointment of Justice Kavanaugh we may face seeing these laws enshrined as constitutional and part of the fabric of American life for the next forty years. This last month I have had to read social media posts from the same people that voted for a GOP that trades in anti-trans predator myths defend a man and say he had not committed any wrongdoing. This last month I wrote my North Carolina Senators, Thom Tillis and Richard Burr, and was met with statements meant to discount me, and silence my voice even though they are in office to represent the views of their constituents. Richard Burr called Brett Kavanaugh a superb choice, and that my concerns were unfounded. Thom Tillis said there is not a better man in the country to represent what a judge should be. They said when I raised questions of how many transgender people does Brett Kavanaugh know? How many LGBT people has he hired? Why did he say that religious discrimination against LGBT people was legal? My representatives said these questions were unfounded, and I had nothing to worry about.

These same Senators and the same party that rejoiced over the Masterpiece Cake decision. The same one’s that backed banning transgender people from the military. The same party that currently houses over 14,000 people in concentration camps. This is the party that told me I had nothing to fear from another conservative judge being appointed to the Supreme Court.

Now I face an America where the next case that brings up transgender equality in the workplace will be decided 5–4 against my right to work. I face an America that will hear a case on adoption rights of transgender parents and will be decided 5–4 against my right to raise a child. My right to work will now be decided by a man that screamed, “I like beer!”, and “Have you been blackout drunk?”, and “what goes around comes around.” This man vowed to fight progressive policies for his entire tenure, ranted, and screamed on national television and was rewarded with the opportunity to judge. That should have been enough to show he is a partisan judge, with nothing to offer in terms of equality and progress.

I will have to see how long I may have before as a trans person I am ask to register for public safety, or how long it may be until someone I work with can say they don’t like trans people and I get fired, or I can see my dream of being a Mom snatched away because an angry, drunk, belligerent man was the best hope and best representation of the GOP in 2018.

I have already read Facebook and Twitter posts saying, can we go back to memes and cat videos. I wish I lived their life, I wish I was a straight, heterosexual, white, male that can say and do whatever he wishes and be rewarded with a lifetime appointment and job that I can never lose. I wish we lived in a country where social media could be just for fun. But as a transgender woman living under a fascist regime I have no choice but to protest. I have no choice but share my experience, to try with all I have to make you understand what you experience is not a reality for many people in this country.

There is no equality for all in the United States of America. That was confirmed and appointed to the highest court in the land. I witnessed what hate does. The hatred the Republican Party, and the Religious Right have for the LGBT community, and for women’s rights has ushered in an era in law that will see further attacks and removals of rights.

So if you wonder why I seem to be posting nothing but politics, ask, how does my future look?

Before you so easily move back into your daily life, ask, how does my tomorrow look?

Take a second to ask what if you weren’t white, but Latinx, or Black? What if you were sexually assaulted, and ignored? What if you weren’t Christian? What if you weren’t cisgender?

What if you took the time to realize for the first time in US history the shouts of the oppressed were heard from the Senate floor? What if you took time to realize how many of us are now targeted? Only then can we finally move forward if there is to be a hope for an equal and better future.