Yet Again…

Rachel A. McCartney
Feb 2 · 3 min read

Yet again the trans community find themselves in the middle of the ongoing culture war. As conservative lawmakers make a push to stay stagnant on social issues they don’t understand and don’t care to. This time they are taking aim at our youth, but the tactics are the same.

“This is about safety,” ”this is to protect our daughters’’ — they will say. They will cry about kids being unable to make that kind of decision at such a young age. They will talk about a mythical advantage that will ruin girls sports. All the while failing to see us as human. All so they can look like they care about people, when in fact these moves will prove the opposite.

These new attacks are scare tactics; more of the same only now aimed at the most vulnerable. This is their whole playbook, fear and suppression. This is what they will continue to do. They are losing this war and are in their death throes as we speak.

Like a wounded animal they know the end is near, so — for them — this is about doing as much damage as they can. This is their car bombs and roadside bombs. They have no concerns for the lives they will ruin for the deaths they will cause. All for what? Power; plain and simple. They don’t want to lose the ability to control those they see as below themselves. They don’t want to think of a world where everyone is equal. A world where ideas are discussed and not trampled and ridiculed for not following the norm.

They can’t bear to have a world where my community is seen as having value. So, they push to erase us before we know our own power. They plan and scheme to steal our youth and to wreak havoc on a community whose only sin is existing. They have not yet figured out we are not to be messed with. They don’t know that we were the motor pushing other movements they couldn’t stop. They don’t know we are not weak or timid.

Yet again we are called to defend ourselves in the legislature and in public…

Yet again they come for us.

Shakespeare said it best when he wrote “Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more”. It is up to us to step up and be our own advocate. Be loud, bring discomposure to those that seek to harm our youth. Let them forever remember that we are not to be trifled with. That our words are mighty and land heavy with history in view.

In my home state of Oklahoma we have SB 676. It aims to make it illegal for anyone under 21 to receive gender affirming care. It has been proposed by senator Warren Hamilton. You can reach him at:

Sen. Warren Hamilton

2300 N. Lincoln Blvd., Rm. 411

Oklahoma City, OK 73105

(405) 521–5604

Also there is bill SB 331 that specifically targets Trans girls and would ban them from competing on high school girls sports teams. The bill was introduced by Sen. Micheal Bergstrom and you can reach him at:

Sen. Micheal Bergstrom

2300 N. Lincoln Blvd., Rm. 412

Oklahoma City, OK 73105

(405) 521–5561

These are the ones I know about here in Oklahoma. But these bills are all over the country and need to be stopped in their tracks before they can cause harm. You can find a complete listing of the country’s proposed existing anti-Trans legislation here:

Please advocate for our community by reaching out to help defeat these baseless bigoted bills wherever you are.

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