Today I introduce myself (probably again) as a streamer as well as an aspiring Web Developer.

I’m working on a Twitch based Streaming Community with a relaxed and focused mindset. As a collective we are known as Team Khonsu, but as an individual I am VVarrenTV, Master Lounger of The Travelers Lounge. The games I play are Dauntless, ESO, and PUBG. I mainly stream from 8pm–12am.

As for websites, as of July 2017 I am a Graduate of Code Louisville, a coding boot camp, earning my certification in Front-end Development. I will be returning September 5th for my Full-Stack certification.

For my front-end certification I created a Twitch status viewer using HTML/CS S JS along with the Twitch API. For my full stack project I plan on making things a little fancier. I’ve already started on a couple of projects, a couple of themes for a personal Twitch site. On one of the personal themes I plan on integrating the old Twitch status viewer and possibly making it the new community site. Will keep you updated.


I mainly stream from 8pm–12am. VVarrenTV