The Tripple Effect
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The Tripple Effect

Star Week

Written In The Stars

Learning from the past to make a better future

Photo by Ryan Heuer on Unsplash

It’s written
in the stars, they say. Yet
from so many lightyears away, stars
reveal us a long-gone

I’m intrigued by the contradiction that we think the stars can tell us our future, while, due to their distance, what we see is something from a very distant past. Maybe this tells us that we should learn from the past. Not make the same mistakes. Look at where we are, what has happened, and then make a better future. Maybe that is what is written in the stars.

This poem is written for Star Week. A wonderful initiative by Jenny Justice, inspired by the Floral Week fun ignited by Tapan Avasthi. Star Week is a poetry party where poets aim to inspire hope. As Jenny puts it:

Now let’s look up — let’s dream, let’s aspire, let’s become overwhelmed with the biggest of big pictures.

Want to join the party? This is one of Jenny’s Star Week poems, you can find the prompt below the poem:

If you like this party, I recommend star gazing at these poems by Joanna Vang, Katie Rodante and Emma Laver-Scott:

My poem is a tritriplicata. If you want to know what that is, you’ll find the answers here:



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