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Your March True Crime Fix

Josie Klakström
Mar 26 · 3 min read
Photo by Sergey Shmidt on Unsplash

Spring is officially here and the thought of warm summer evenings is helping me through the intermittent rainy days we’re experiencing at the moment.

Who caught Operation Varsity Blues on Netflix? I didn’t realise the extent of the issue, and I’m now wondering whether it’s happening here in the UK, with some of the older institutions like Oxford, Cambridge and St Andrews.

Here’s what you might have missed this month.

This month’s writer spotlight: S.A. Ozbourne

He Killed, Dismembered, and Hid his Sister’s Body in his Room — The terrible murder of model and actress Azumi Muto. Read more.

One of Japan’s Youngest Serial Killers — He killed his mother and two girls for pleasure. Read more.

The Story of a Sexual Predator and Serial Rapist Killer — He drugged and raped over 400 women and killed two. Read more.

The Abduction and Torture of Fusako Sano — He kept a 9-year-old girl captive in his room for almost 10 years. Read more.

She Killed Her Friend Then Mailed Her in a Box Labeled “Doll” — The gruesome story of identity theft and murder. Read more.

Will New Sketch Help Find Missing Michael Dunahee? — Michael was just 4 when he disappeared in 1991, and police now hope to breathe new life into the case. Read more. Article by Verity Partington.

The Unthinkable Crimes of Dr. Debora Green — An estranged wife’s fury became a mother’s ultimate betrayal. Read more. Article by Lori Johnston.

Victim’s Diary Helps Solve Her Cold Case — Her meticulous entries revealed the killer’s shocking motive. Read more. Article by Liz Jin.

Grindr and the Alleged Almost-Dahmer in Louisiana — The feds just nabbed an alleged serial killer in-the-making. Read more. Article by Wess Haubrich.

The Serial Killer that Preyed on Helpless Children — Nurse Beverly Allitt was an extreme attention seeker. Read more. Article by Emmalina Alessandrya.

Woman Sentenced for Murder That Could Have Been Suicide — Crown Prosecutor and detective believe she is innocent. Read more. Article by The Maverick Files.

The Eerie Murder In Room 1046 — A crime of passion or a run-in with the wrong crowd? Read more. Article by Teodora Maksimova.

Bizarre Therapy Technique Resulted in the Death of 10-Year-Old — Candace Newmaker died in 2000 while undergoing treatment, subsequently calling into question the validity of the practice. Read more. Article by Megan Ashley.

The Worst Drug Dealing Horror Story I’ve Ever Heard — “He jumped out of the second floor window and broke one of his arms and legs.” Read more. Article by Simon Doherty.

The Murder of John Lennon — The musician was not the only target on his killer’s list. Read more. Article by Josie Klakström.

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Josie Klakström

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The True Crime Edition

A publication that delves into fascinating cases, the psychology behind criminals and the history of finding them.

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