Take the risk

Last week I had to give an interview on the radio and I have to admit it: I was nervous. I was afraid to fail. And that is also exactly what I want to talk about here, being afraid to take the risk.

Because if you think about it, that is how it goes in our success-driven society. Success is the norm, failing is not an option. And if you fail, it is always your own dawn fault. So, we are afraid. Afraid that we break a leg. Afraid to loose money. We are afraid that the police will come. Afraid that people will laugh with us …

“They can become very old, but they can only advance when they stick out their head”.

So, we teach ourselves, and even worse, we tell our children, not to take any risks anymore! Don’t climb that three, you can fall of; don’t throw with that snow ball, the window could get broken …

That is of course, the wrong message. Because it is only by doing new things, taking a risk that we learn to know our environment and ourselves better. It is like these big turtles that you find in Southern America: “They can become very old, but they can only advance when they stick out their head!”. So everybody, once in a while stick out your head.

About Nicolas

Nicolas is a socially committed mapping expert and map enthusiast. He is convinced that map applications can play a positive role in this transitioning world. It is not by coincidence that the true opposite of “SPAM” is “MAPS”.

He is co-founder of nazka mapps. nazka is focused on maps that matter, adding value to society. Check for sure also aircheckr.

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