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Day 180 (July 18, 2017)

In today’s issue: Trumpcare fails, and there’s an 8th person in Trump Tower.

If you’re not an upper-class, white, healthy, middle-aged, Republican man who doesn’t care about anyone else’s health, we’ve got GREAT news:

Trumpcare has failed in the Senate by a 48–52 count.

Trump’s #ReactionsOfTheDay below:

Today he says “I’m not going to own it.” But when Obama blamed Republicans for stopping his agenda, Trump said “he can never take responsibility.”

Walking a mile in someone else’s shoes sure is eye-opening, huh?

But before we go out and start celebrating this incredibly momentous turn-of-events, quick reminder:

And if that’s not enough, McConnell and Trump are also here to ruin the party.

They’re proposing that they proceed with simply repealing Obamacare and figuring out a replacement later. This is even worse than the Senate bill itself.

Estimates show that 32 million people will be left uninsured if they go ahead and simply repeal Obamacare without a backup (note: that’s 10 million more people left uninsured than expected under Trumpcare).

So it’s basically it would cause an even shittier situation.

The question is, do they have enough support?

The answer: no, they don’t have enough support (*knock on wood*).

It appears this health care debate has done us resisters a service. According to Tribune Chronicle, several liberal groups that had been laser-focused on health care have intensified calls for impeachment in recent weeks, including MoveOn.org, Indivisible and Ultraviolet.

Ah, welcome to the resistance family— the more the merrier.

Speaking of more…

There was an 8th person at the infamous Trump Tower meeting a.k.a. your reminder that the Trumps are lying dirtbags.

If you’re not already convinced that Trump Jr. was at the very least engaged in some shady dealings and conversation with the Russians — and that this meeting was MOST DEFINITELY NOT about adoptions — hopefully now you will be. Because why would these sketchy AF folks give a shit about adoptions?

Chris Christie’s take is the only feasible counter we’ve heard so far.

“Trump Jr. is not smart enough to collude with Russia.” Ah, yes. We agree. But when coordinating efforts with a group of mastermind criminals (yes including Kushner and Manafort) he doesn’t have to work too hard to clear a path for collusion.

Hoping that this slow-drip of information turns to a flood that will drown this administration quickly.

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