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Day 221 (August 29, 2017)

In today’s issue: Trump’s hurricane campaign stop.

Today, on the day that Trump visited Corpus Christi, Texas, Hurricane Harvey officially broke the continental U.S. record for rainfall measured in a single-storm.

This news, along with the devastation the storm is bringing to Texas, and especially Houston, and the death toll rising to 14 people, begs for a statement of leadership and support from our President.

So let’s take a look of how Trump DID NOT seize this opportunity to act like the leader he was elected to be.

For Trump, this was a campaign rally.

Talking about the crowd size was more important than addressing the devastation apparently.

This guy is sick in the head.

Speaking of his head, he wore his USA hat the entire time, probably assuming its a cheap way to market the hat.

Standing on top of that fire truck instead of standing at ground level just added to the sense that Trump was showing little empathy for the victims of this storm.

In fact, the entire address was incredibly tone deaf, saying things like the recovery will be “better than ever.”

And worst of all, he did not ONCE mention the hurricane’s victims.

Oh and there’s this: the Trump administration appointed climate change doubter to lead the EPA’s midwest office.

If they would listen to science, they would know that this storm is the result of climate change. It is the whole reason why Texas is suffering right now. We can’t have climate change deniers making decisions in the EPA during such crucial circumstances!

This whole administration is so entirely tone-deaf and ignorant that it is beyond frustrating. It is terrifying. We must stand our ground, raise our voices, and resist.

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